Shopbop: The Big Event

big event

This big sale starts today and ends on Sunday, March 8 (4 am ET). The more you buy the more you save so get together with friends and family to do a big group purchase. Everyone wins!

Save 15% with a purchase over $250, 20% over $500 and 25% over $1,000! Get your coupon code here. Need a little inspiration? Here are some top trends to consider:

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Backpack / Long sleeve dress / Lace dress / Maxi dress / Jacket

And some added brands…


koku Prabal Gurungprabal gurung

Phyllis + Rosie

It’s time to get shopping!

*Stuart Weitzman brand is excluded from this sale

Marvelous Monday with Rocksbox

I’m a fan of the box subscription models. I first tried Birchbox then Pop Sugar Must Have and now I’ve been offered the chance to try Rocksbox. The timing is perfect because accessories have always been a challenge for me but now that I am working on a more casual style they are extra difficult.

Here’s what I got in my first box:


I haven’t had a chance to style them yet but I’m sure you’ll be seeing them in some upcoming posts. You’ll also be excited to know that there’s a special code for you! Just use “highheeledstylexoxo” and get a FREE month. How’s that for fancy?

All you have to do is take a brief style survey and then they choose items for you. You can borrow them for as long as you like or swap them out for something new. If you love it you can buy it.  What are you waiting for? Get started!

Outfit: I’m a Winner


341_HHS-navy-polkadot-dress-altpose 341_HHS-navy-polkadot-dress-altpose2 341_HHS-navy-polkadot-dress-altpose3 341_HHS-navy-polkadot-dress-altpose4 341_HHS-navy-polkadot-dress-detail

Thanks to the sweet and generous Patti from NotDeadYetStyle, I won this beautiful dress from Karina (exact dress here). I have been dreaming of a soft, comfortable polka dotted dress. Something with a bit of retro vibe but that would still work with my current, less structured style. Can you believe my luck?

This dress was everything I’d been looking for. They have so many easy and stylish options. Finding new places to shop is a great benefit of blogging.

How would you style this beautiful dress? I plan to wear it frequently so I’m definitely looking for suggestions.

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Outfit: Life at Warp Speed

340_HHS-black-white-blue-outfit 340_HHS-black-white-blue-altpose 340_HHS-black-white-blue-altpose2 340_HHS-black-white-blue-detail

No posts last week. It just got away from me! But in a good way. I’ve been busy just living life. Not one thing took up all my time but instead lots of little things. Getting my husband to PT because he blew out his knee, household chores, horses, chickens, exercising – yes, you heard that right and of course some work.

Plus some TV watching and wine drinking. Dedicated blogging time just went out the window. The weather has been glorious so I try to spend as much time as possible outside.

The next couple of weeks will probably be much the same. I have a website to finish, a marketing calendar to draft and horses to ride. I’ll try to do better about outfits and maybe even some lifestyle content. Thanks for sticking with me!

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Outfit: Layering and a Print

339_HHS-red-snake-outfit 339_HHS-red-snake-altpose 339_HHS-red-snake-detail 339_HHS-red-snake-shoes

I am happy with how this look turned out. I mentioned I was on the fence about cardigans as part of my new, casual look but this one seemed to work. Maybe because I’m a sucker for red. Although I haven’t worn these Zara heels (option or option) often, they are a perfect red heel. When you find a classic red pump you MUST get it. They aren’t always easy to find but they always stand out.

I completed my first ClassPass class – TRX on Tuesday. It really kicked my butt. The class didn’t seem difficult while I was doing it but my muscles are telling a different story today! If you’re not a gym going person and are looking to find the right kind of exercise for you, consider giving ClassPass a try. It let’s you go to different studios and try all kinds of classes. It’s only $99/month.

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Outfit: Khaki and Coral

338_HHS-khaki-coral-neutral-outfit 338_HHS-khaki-coral-neutral-altpose 338_HHS-khaki-coral-neutral-detail

I’m trying to mix up the color palette a little. I noticed I’ve been wearing a lot of gray and black. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I needed to brighten up my outfits (although I still had matte black nail polish).


Have you heard of ClassPass? I hadn’t but they just launched in OC and I’ve been asked to try it out. I’m no fitness junkie. I like being active but motivating myself to go to a gym to workout is about as likely as me wearing flats. But for only $99/month you get access to a large network of studios. I do like to try new things so I’ve made my first reservation at Core Works to try a TRX class. Next up…pilates, then barre, then maybe even a pole dancing class.

Find out more about ClassPass (they have many locations) here. Wish me luck!

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Outfit: Polka Dots are Fun

337_HHS-gray-navydots-outfit 337_HHS-gray-navydots-altpose 337_HHS-gray-navydots-altpose2 337_HHS-gray-navydots-altpose3 337_HHS-gray-navydots-detail

Oops, Monday totally came and went and I forgot to do a post. I used to be so organized with this blog. I’d plan out the outfits, pre-write the posts and then schedule them for the week. Now I scramble at the last minute at every turn.

My brain is focused on too many things. Namely a BIG project that I can’t wait to tell you about. Hopefully, it’ll be ready in the next couple of weeks. Can you believe it’s February already?

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Outfit: Step One

336_HHS-orange-blue-outfit 336_HHS-orange-blue-altpose 336_HHS-orange-blue-altpose2 336_HHS-orange-blue-altpose3 336_HHS-orange-blue-detail

Not sure if this is true or not but I think step 1 of defining a new style for yourself is deciding what you don’t like. Could it possibly be true that I’m done with cardigans? Each time I’ve worn one lately, I’ve felt that the look was not what I wanted.

Believe it or not this amazing necklace is from Pier 1. I have been lucky enough to find a couple of great necklaces there which always surprised me. So, is a statement necklace part of my new style? I’m ambivalent about this one. I think when the outfit seems like it needs one, then yes but generally I’ve been more attracted to simple pieces lately.

I mentioned a while back that we got chickens at the barn. Well just this month, we got our very first egg! As a new found crazy chicken lady you wouldn’t believe how excited I was. I ran around showing everyone like it was my greatest accomplishment. Silly.

2015-01-18 13.14.08


As a reminder, these cute booties are for sale over on Threadflip!


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Outfit: Work Flashback

335_HHS-gray-magenta-outfit 335_HHS-gray-magenta-altpose 335_HHS-gray-magenta-altpose2 335_HHS-gray-magenta-detail

Once again the shoe gods were pleased with me. I’ve been looking for gray closed toe non-patent, non-suede heels for quite some time. Instagram and a fellow blogger put these Sole Society beauties on my radar.

After putting them on my feet for the first time, I felt transported back to my former work self. The one who liked to dress the part of an executive with an edge. As I donned this outfit, I couldn’t help but think that it is exactly what I would’ve worn to work. Immediately after that realization, it hit me that I’m no longer that person. I wasn’t sad but it did feel so final.

This blog was originally started to help me improve my work wardrobe and now I think I’ll go on a new quest to define my non-office, non-executive but still stylish, casual, sassy look. Wish me luck!

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