Outfit: Lace It Up

302_HHS-black-lace-green-outfit 302_HHS-black-lace-green-altpose 302_HHS-black-lace-green-detail 302_HHS-black-lace-green-detail2 302_HHS-black-lace-green-detail3

As soon as the temperatures rise I only want to wear loose fitting and light weight clothes. A nice knit skirt (Pure DKNY c/o Shopbop) and a lace front baseball shirt are the perfect combination of relaxed but not sloppy. I’m still surprised (and definitely glad) at how often I can wear these green heels!

It appears the lost picture debacle (read about it here) was just a fluke as new pics are now working fine. Too bad I can’t remember what outfits I lost.

We survived a trip to IKEA last weekend and made it out of there only purchasing what we went there to purchase – closet inserts for the bedroom remodel. Once we get the bathroom vanity and fixtures I think we’ll be ready to start demolition. My favorite part!

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Outfit: Oh Drat!

While preparing to write this week’s blog posts, I encountered my first really bad technical glitch. I imported all the pics from my camera (77 to be exact) and when asked if I wanted to delete them from the SD card, I quickly hit the YES button (I am a bit OCD when it comes to file organization and digital clutter). This was before I noticed that all of the images were just black squares. Certain that it was just a fluke, I rebooted since my laptop was acting a little off anyway. But once I restarted and opened up iPhoto the realization that I lost several outfit pics hit me like a Kate Spade secret sale when you have $0. Tragic.

If you happen to know any fancy schmancy SD recovery tools, please let me know.

So today you’re stuck with a random recap…

  • Went for a lovely trail ride on Friday. Serene. Perfect temperature and water crossing after water crossing. The horses were loving it. I wanted to capture some video of Gilly pawing in the water. While doing so, Diesel (my horse) decided to cool off and lay down in the creek. Yes, I was still aboard. Completely drenched but mostly unscathed we got a good laugh out of my dunking. Here’s an after shot:


  • Found out one of my agency clients is not moving forward with the work I proposed. Ugh.
  • Promised a good friend I would start working on a creative project that I’ve been too scared to start. Perfect paralysis as Marie Forleo calls it. I have to show her something by the end of the month. What have I done?
  • Returned some shoes

penny-loves-kenny-women-s-cross-dress-sandal bcbgmaxazria-jaze-nubuck-d-orsay-pump j-renee-bazuka-pump

  • Bought some shoes

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.20.09 AM AsosProgressHeels

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Outfit: Too Pale for Pastels

301_HHS-pastel-outfit 301_HHS-pastel-altpose 301_HHS-pastel-detail

I love my blush jeans and I love wearing gray but combining these muted tones just doesn’t work for me. Plus, I have come to love how bold, powerful and happy bright colors make me feel. Now I can say I tried wearing pastels and know without a doubt that they’re just not for me.

My head has been swarming with ideas lately. Ideas for the blog. Ideas for my personal growth. Ideas for a new business. Ideas for our bedroom/bathroom remodel. All this inspiration and yet very little action has been taken. I really need to work on that. There needs to be some prioritization and some clarity and focus. I keep feeling like I need a retreat. A day away from home to try and sort out my ideas. Perhaps the Montage Spa gift certificate I’ve been sitting on is the right answer.

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Outfit: It Was Supposed to be Special

300_HHS-green-leopard-outfit 300_HHS-green-leopard-altpose 300_HHS-green-leopard-cu 300_HHS-green-leopard-detail

This marks my 300th outfit post on High Heeled Style. Momentous occasion that I knew was coming and yet still missed out on the opportunity for some fanfare. I really do applaud my fellow bloggers that make this look so easy. There should’ve been a special outfit with some special props in a special location. But instead it’s just another day in my backyard. At least there is leopard print heels. Those are worth some fanfare, right?

Let’s pretend for a moment that I’m wearing a gorgeous flowing dress and a pair of spectacular heels. It’s the golden hour and the breeze is just the right amount to have fun with my dress. The location is an open space. It could be the beach but it could also be some rugged mountain terrain; someplace the dress looks out of context. Can you picture it?

So instead of shopping what I’m wearing, how about shopping the dream look?

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Outfit: So Bright

299_HHS-purple-lace-outfit 299_HHS-purple-lace-altpose 299_HHS-purple-lace-detail

Eek. It was so bright out when I took these pictures thus the squinting! I’m a little on the fence about these purple jeans. They’ve had a good run but it may be time to move on. I’ve thought about cutting them off for shorts but fear they may evoke memories of The Incredible Hulk (wasn’t that a great show?). Admittedly, when I took one of those superhero quizzes that’s who I got – yes, I’ve been know to have a few anger issues from time to time. Age is bringing me patience though. I do, however, love these new stackable rings from Shopbop!

Other than that, I’m off to Boston to present a social media plan to a client. It’s been in the works for a few months so I’m excited to dazzle them. I hope I’ll get a little out-and-about time as I’ve never been to Boston. Follow me on Instagram for pics.


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Outfit: Ssssizzle

298_HHS-cobalt-snake-outfit 298_HHS-cobalt-snake-altpose 298_HHS-cobalt-snake-altpose2 298_HHS-cobalt-snake-detail

I have a snake print skirt (see it here) which I was skeptical about when I first purchased it. Do I have the personality to wear a snake skin print? Would it be too crazy for the office? Is it some kind of exta-cougarific pattern that I was blindly flaunting? But after wearing it several times, I’ve decided to stop being a scaredy-pants and embrace my affectionate feelings for snake prints. I even owned 2 snakes in college but that’s a whole other blog post…

Along came this shirt. Less hesitation this time. More click to buy right away. I think pairing with a bold structured cobalt skirt helps to make it less “look-at-me” and more “why yes, this is python.”

I’m making slow and steady progress on material gathering for our bedroom/bathroom renovation. I am anxious to get it underway. Less anxious to spend the money. But I know it will be so worth it when it’s done. I also got to visit with a great friend of mine from college. She was in town and we hung out in Solana Beach. Such easy conversation and openness that I found myself having some withdrawals the next day. Have you ever had that after visiting with a good friend?

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Outfit: Casual Neutrals

297_HHS-gray-brown-white-outfit 297_HHS-gray-brown-white-altpose 297_HHS-gray-brown-white-detail

I’ve been working on defining my casual style now that I’m not a full-time, in-office worker person. The successful career wardrobe was really coming together but now I want to create a style to match my current lifestyle. Usually I lean towards brighter colors but I wanted to try a neutral combo that incorporated gray instead of black. What do you think?

And now for a very important shoe update. I recently bought these three pairs:

penny-loves-kenny-women-s-cross-dress-sandal j-renee-bazuka-pump bcbgmaxazria-jaze-nubuck-d-orsay-pump

The first pair is pretty amazing but the orange is much more neon than it looks in the picture. Plus, with the aforementioned casual style approach, I’m not sure I’ll be keeping them.

The yellow striped pair was actually a mustard/gold color and not the cheerful yellow I was hoping for so I returned them. The fit was good and the bow detail is adorable so if you like that shoe you can get it in black or blue as well. The pink heels went back mostly because they were a little boring and reminded me too much of shoes that my Barbie had when I was little. But they also went back because thanks to Instagram, I found…

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.20.09 AM

…these unbelievable Taylor Says heels. A little pricier but worth it for their unique style. What can I say, new shoes make me happy!

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Outfit: Floral Surprise

296_HHS-flowerdress-outfit 296_HHS-flowerdress-altpose 296_HHS-flowerdress-detail

There are a couple of things you need to know about this dress. First is that I’ve had it for many years. Second, I’m pretty sure it was from Target and third, it is the only floral print item I own.

I’ve been on a quest to add more pattern to my wardrobe since I started this blog but one of the challenges that I have faced is my aversion to floral prints. Even searching for some shoppable looks (below) was difficult. Often I find floral prints too chaotic. Maybe it’s just too much for my brain to look at and try to organize. So what was my motivation for buying this dress? I’m guessing it was the black/red combination (two of my favorite colors), the cute polka dot (a pattern I really like) hemline and the fact that it’s machine washable (as you know, I don’t iron).

The moral of the story? Don’t limit your shopping by pattern, color, material or shape. You may be right that in most cases a certain style isn’t your cup of tea but you will be surprised by the right piece that would’ve otherwise been overlooked.

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Review: Jamberry

I am not a nail-painting artist. I’ve tried to recreate those Pinterest looks and ended up with utter disasters – from crooked stripes to non-existent ombre affects to polka dots that look more like eggs than dots. I’m pretty sure chimpanzees would out perform me when it comes to extravagant manis (bam! a new internet sensation #chimpmanis).

So, you can bet every time I hear about the new-best-longest-lasting or easiest-to-apply craze, I am all over it.

Stickers – tried ‘em. “New and improved” press on nails – tried ‘em. At home gel manicures – tried ‘em. You get the gist.

That’s why I was introduced to Jamberry. They’re like the Twinkies of nail products. Made to last and last and oh so delicious (do not actually eat them, it’s just a metaphor). Enter Mandy (see her Jamberry site here) who agreed to let me give them a whirl and provide you with my honest opinion. And here it is.


My Jamberry nails lasted a full 7 days. *Cheering* This included 2 days of gardening (one without gloves – oops), 4 trips to the stable and 3 retail shifts. I couldn’t believe it! Generally these are the activities that destroy even the most durable of manicures – often the very next day.

I did struggle putting them on (see previous chimpanzee reference) but I can tell it will get easier. Perhaps I should’ve watched the application video but noooo, I’m a rebel. I wouldn’t say it was easier than at-home gel stickers/manicure but for me it did last significantly longer.

HHS_Jamberry2 HHS_Jamberry_3

We are all so busy and who has time to do their nails every couple of days. Perhaps you’ve opted for skipping manicures all together but I recommend you give Jamberry a try. They were durable, easy to remove and didn’t harm my nails. They have so many fun colors and styles available that the most difficult part will be deciding what to buy!

What are you waiting for? Visit Mandy’s page and share the love on Facebook.

I had this whole graphic swirling around in my head to compare different types of manicures but those things always take longer to create than I originally anticipate. I’ll try to still work on it though!

Disclaimer: I was provided free product in exchange for my honest review.

Outfit: Orange You Glad

295_HHS-orange-brown-stripes-outfit  295_HHS-orange-brown-stripes-altpose 295_HHS-orange-brown-stripes-altpose2 295_HHS-orange-brown-stripes-detail

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that old knock-knock joke (please tell me you know the one)! I had no idea orange clothing would instantly make me feel giddy or silly or happy but it does. It is so bright and full of energy that I just can’t help it. Orange is a fairly complicated color though and people either love it or hate it – rarely anything in between. Poor, little orange.

I was a little uncertain about these jeans but my husband gave them the thumbs up so they stayed. It’s nice to have a pair of pants that has a little bit of detail to them with the comfort of denim.

Last weekend we worked on the back yard. The dogs had thrashed most of it and what they didn’t ruin, we had let go unattended. I forgot how much I hate working in the yard. For all you ladies who enjoy it, my hat’s off to you! IT’S A LOT OF WORK. The new plants seem to be settling in and my husband fixed a broken drainage pipe and is reseeding the lawn. Hopefully, we’ll get it back to its normal splendor in the next couple of weeks so we can better enjoy the view.

Still to tackle is the master bedroom/bathroom remodel, plants for the front yard and turning the guest bedroom into my office/craft room/woman cave. I’m exhausted just looking at the list.

Please help spread the word about my Color Courses. There will be a new one each month. Check out Yellow and Red!

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