Outfit: Not My Finest

322_HHS-graycords-coraleyelet-outfit 322_HHS-graycords-coraleyelet-altpose 322_HHS-graycords-coraleyelet-detail

They can’t all be winners. I still have a way to go to define my casual style. It’s so boring. I was hoping that the texture of the corduroy pants with the minimal pattern of the eyelet top would look simple yet interesting. Maybe more interesting accessories would help. Accessories are still my nemesis.

In more exciting news, we got chickens at the barn. They are so cute and I can sit and watch them for hours. Fresh eggs in a few months. Part of my trying to live a cleaner life goals. More home cooking. Less chemicals and processed goods. We’ll see how long I can keep it up. Let me know if you have any good resources or ideas.

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Internet Rabbit Hole

Down_the_Rabbit_Hole__by_Cat_GrenadeI spend a lot of time online. Between blogging and my consulting work, I can easily get lost following links. Sometimes I feel like sharing some of my wondrous finds. Enjoy!

  • My Drunk Kitchen – Bean Salad
  • Shit Southern Women Say – any video; every video!
  • Simple living. It’s not that hard. Check out this list. Plus it’s written well. I like useful things written well.
  • Helpful accessories. Cool. Check out Cuff. Unfortunately it’s not available until March so I’m waiting a bit to see if it is for me.

Outfit: Quit Horsing Around

321_HHS-casual-horse-outfit 321_HHS-casual-horse-altpose 321_HHS-casual-horse-altpose2

It wasn’t my intention to have such a horse-fashion-themed week but that’s how it has turned out. You must know that I’m picky about the horse themed products I buy. Although I’ve loved them since I was little, I won’t buy every little thing that has a horse on it. It has to be the right kind of horse and the right kind of thing. So you’d probably be surprised that I only have one horse art piece in my house. Is there a horse bit hanging on the living room wall, yes. But that’s the real deal. Anyway…

When I first saw this Wildfox shirt, I added it to my wish list but I just wasn’t sold on the horse. It was the back detail and the cut that really got my attention.

321_HHS-casual-horse-back 321_HHS-casual-horse-backdetail

Unique, isn’t it? I got a Free People lacy bandeau since I didn’t want a regular bra strap to show and paired it with these ridiculously comfortable Blank Denim skinny jeans. Seriously, I’ve worn them 4 times already.

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Review: AA Callister

320_HHS-cowgirlstyle-outfit 320_HHS-cowgirlstyle-altpose 320_HHS-cowgirlstyle-detail 320_HHS-cowgirlstyle-detail2 320_HHS-cowgirlstyle-spurstraps

Ok, so this isn’t the regular HighHeeledStyle look but it is how I dress more than half of the time. After all, high heels just won’t cut it at the barn! You can imagine when I was contacted by AA Callister to try some of their western wear, I was thrilled. My normal barn look isn’t nearly this put together. Grubby old t-shirts. Baseball cap. And yes, these beat up old boots.

I decided to try this Cruel Girl snap front shirt. I loved the bold colors and blingy detail. Us cowgirls love some bling. What I didn’t know is that it is a perfect transition shirt. It’s light weight and stays tucked in while riding. The new spur straps with the turquoise inlay were too hard to resist. The weird thing is your spur straps are rarely ever seen but I still needed to get these pretties.

You don’t have to be a cowgirl to shop at AA Callister. Besides, riding style boots and taco hats are all the rage and AA Callister has great prices. Take a look at some of my favorite items:


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /

Perhaps you’ve never thought about shopping at a western wear store but now you know that you can find great pieces to add to your wardrobe. Isn’t it fun to learn new things?

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Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Outfit: Black and Fuchsia

319_HHS-black-fuchsia-outfit 319_HHS-black-fuchsia-altpose 319_HHS-black-fuchsia-detail

I have this top for a few years now and I’m still tickled each time I wear it with it’s simple but flattering details. It’s a little bit sexy but also sweet. That’s a hard combination to find! Overall the outfit is a little darker than I envisioned but it was still a good choice for a client presentation.

Speaking of work, I’ve been so busy lately. It’s a good thing but I haven’t had the time to play with my creative projects. I’m behind on blog posts, I’m behind on some work and on last week’s full moon trail ride, my horse clearly demonstrated that I haven’t spent enough time with him either. Oh, he was so naughty.

And when are we going to put up the Halloween decorations?

Who’s going to pull the weeds in the back yard?

And the list goes on…

I did, however, find time to go to Planet Beauty’s 25% off sale. A girl has to have her priorities.

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Outfit: Once a Spartan…

318_HHS-green-cream-white-outfit 318_HHS-green-cream-white-altpose 318_HHS-green-cream-white-altpose2 318_HHS-green-cream-white-detail

…always a Spartan. You will never convince me that green and white aren’t a striking combination. With a new school year starting and my MI friends posting football and tailgaiting pics, I felt I needed to pay a style homage to MSU. Go State!

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For those of you needing some new skivies…
CK undiesCK Underwear is 25% off, beginning October 8 and running through October 13! The discount will automatically apply at checkout so there is no need to enter a coupon code. 

Outfit: Casually French

317_HHS-french-casual-outfit 317_HHS-french-casual-altpose 317_HHS-french-casual-detail

Yes, it’s October and Fall is supposedly officially here. SoCal didn’t get the memo. We still hit triple digits. Not nearly as bad as last month but we’re all really hoping this is the end of the heat.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the master bedroom/bathroom. It looks fantastic and I’m thoroughly enjoying organizing every nook and cranny. As a matter of fact, I’ve been finding it hard to focus on work or evening training time at the barn because I’d rather be decorating/organizing. Does this ever happen to you?

Maltby is the little dog photo bomb in the second picture. Apparently our sidewalk seems are not clean enough and required her attention. She’s really getting in there. Hmmm.

Just a reminder, please follow my Instagram account if you aren’t already. I’d really appreciate it. Happy to #f4f!

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Outfit: Black Lace and Coral

316_HHS-black-lace-coral-outfit 316_HHS-black-lace-coral-altpose 316_HHS-black-lace-coral-detail

I like that the second shot gives you a hint as to the glorious red that is my hair. It’s very fun but I am starting to miss the blonde.

Many bloggers are starting to embrace Fall and in some ways I’m ready to do the same. Layering is still one of my fashion challenges so here’s to finally getting comfortable with those darn layers.

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Outfit: I Dig Sexy Shoes

315_HHS-black-gold-print-outfit 315_HHS-black-gold-print-altpose 315_HHS-black-gold-print-detail2 315_HHS-black-gold-print-detail

Am I a shallow person because these shoes made me happy? I don’t think so. It’s not like they solved every insecurity I have or cured my depression but they make me feel fortunate and sexy and stylish whenever I look at them. That has to count for something, right?

They were stupid expensive and if it weren’t for being a Shopbop affiliate, I would never had the opportunity to try on, let alone own a pair of couture heels. The leather is dreamy. The detailing divine. Are the more comfortable than any other pair of heels? Of course not. But strutting around like the CEO, creative genius, golden hearted, mega-liked woman that I envision in my head is SOOOO worth it.

Is there a lesson in all of this? Maybe. Don’t be afraid to make a ridiculous decision to spoil yourself.

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Outfit: Indigo and Fuchsia

314_HHS-gray-cobalt-fuchsia-outfit 314_HHS-gray-cobalt-fuchsia-altpose 314_HHS-gray-cobalt-fuchsia-altpose2

I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I would like girlie details like flowers, bows and pink. And yet here I am combining them all! That’s what is so fun about style. You can be girlie today and structured tomorrow.

I crossed so many things off of my to-do list yesterday. What a glorious feeling! Now that I’ve gotten some of the organizational tasks completed, I’m ready to dive back in to some of my creative endeavors.

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