Outfit: Lace Dress

306_HHS-lacedress-outfit 306_HHS-lacedress-altpose 306_HHS-lacedress-altpose2

Left the house. Went up to LA. Attended a social gathering. These are all things that I rarely do anymore. When did I turn into such a homebody?

Thank you Sally Hansen and setting sun for making my legs look tan. I finally broke down and bought a clutch. For the longest time I really couldn’t figure out why many bloggers seem to have them. Was it just for the sake of completing an outfit for a post or was it really a bag they use on a regular basis? But if you travel or need a dressier bag they really are quite useful. Now I have one and I’ve already used it!

It’s been quite hot here lately but we began the bedroom/bathroom demolition any way. Demolition is fun. It is less fun when you are dripping sweat but it’s still fun. The contractor is coming next week!!

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Outfit: Sharp Stripes

305_HHS-grey-black-gold-outfit 305_HHS-grey-black-gold-altpose 305_HHS-grey-black-gold-altpose2 305_HHS-grey-black-gold-detail

I think the small black and grey stripes on this shirt are so sharp. It seems like a simple enough combination but it really is stunning. I’ve never worn these accessories together and they were all purchased at different times and from different places but they look like they were meant for each other. Cool.

Months and months ago I mentioned my new tattoo. Although it’s unlikely that you’ve been holding your breath to see it, I finally got around to pulling the images together. So here it is from sketch to outline to final.


Believe it or not, it is actually smaller than I wanted (but as much as I could afford) so I hope to add on to it the next time my husband and I decide we need more ink.

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Color Course :: Green

This month’s Color Course focuses on a sometimes-challenging-but-really-worth-it color – green.

Why wear green? Because it makes you feel in harmony with nature and balanced. Let’s face it, we can all use more harmony and balance in our lives. When you wear green you feel…

green-wordsYou can always mix green with neutrals. It’s particularly flattering with browns like tan or saddle but if you want to take a bigger leap try one of these:

Green-CombosNeed further visual inspiration? Here are a few of my favorite combos:

278_HHS-green-beige-leopard-outfit 238_HHS-green-gray-altpose2 210_HHS-fuchsia-green-yellow-outfit

And from one of my favorite bloggers a little green on green action.

Emerald leopard top with turquoise and mint

Source: J’s Everyday Fashion

What are you waiting for? Add some extra green to your wardrobe.

download_buttonLike all these juicy tidbits? Download the Green Color Course PDF.

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Outfit: Now It’s Red

304_HHS-black-white-aqua-outfit 304_HHS-black-white-aqua-altpose 304_HHS-black-white-aqua-closeup 304_HHS-black-white-aqua-detail 304_HHS-ASOS-heels

Bam! Now I’m a red head. It’s been a while since I’ve been this color so it was time to have some fun with my hair color. Usually the only problem with red hair is that it fades so quickly but my stylist is using a new color line and we’re hopeful that it will hold for a while.

The only other thing worth talking about in this post are these ASOS Progress heels. The perfect silhouette. White with contrast black details and if that weren’t enough the chromed out heels add an unexpected detail. The price is right at $57 so click that link and add these beauties to your wardrobe.

On Friday your next Color Course will be here. Don’t miss it!

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Outfit: Saved by Cobalt

303_HHS-cobalt-white-outfit 303_HHS-cobalt-white-altpose 303_HHS-cobalt-white-altpose2 303_HHS-cobalt-white-detail

I don’t have much to say about this outfit. If it wasn’t for the cobalt it would be very boring. Sometimes my passion for creative and bold outfits wanes and I just end up with minimal styling. This is one of those days. So on to other things…

Celebrated a friend’s 30th birthday (see some pics on Instagram – please follow while you’re there!). A nice excuse to get dressed up – outfit pics coming soon.

Went on a group trail ride with some great ladies from the barn. It was relaxing and fun. I’m so appreciative of my flexible schedule that allows me to join in on these types of activities. I spent so many years riding by myself after work that I forgot  how good a community of cowgirls can be.

Started packing up our room so we can get the master bed/bath renovations underway. I’ve got all the pieces picked out and can’t wait to see the final design. We’ve been living with an ugly room for over 10 years. Originally I thought it would be the first room we did but it has ended up being the last. It’s probably a good thing because my taste has matured since we originally bought the house and the elements that we’re pulling together are going to be spectacular.

Have a great week!

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Outfit: Lace It Up

302_HHS-black-lace-green-outfit 302_HHS-black-lace-green-altpose 302_HHS-black-lace-green-detail 302_HHS-black-lace-green-detail2 302_HHS-black-lace-green-detail3

As soon as the temperatures rise I only want to wear loose fitting and light weight clothes. A nice knit skirt (Pure DKNY c/o Shopbop) and a lace front baseball shirt are the perfect combination of relaxed but not sloppy. I’m still surprised (and definitely glad) at how often I can wear these green heels!

It appears the lost picture debacle (read about it here) was just a fluke as new pics are now working fine. Too bad I can’t remember what outfits I lost.

We survived a trip to IKEA last weekend and made it out of there only purchasing what we went there to purchase – closet inserts for the bedroom remodel. Once we get the bathroom vanity and fixtures I think we’ll be ready to start demolition. My favorite part!

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Outfit: Oh Drat!

While preparing to write this week’s blog posts, I encountered my first really bad technical glitch. I imported all the pics from my camera (77 to be exact) and when asked if I wanted to delete them from the SD card, I quickly hit the YES button (I am a bit OCD when it comes to file organization and digital clutter). This was before I noticed that all of the images were just black squares. Certain that it was just a fluke, I rebooted since my laptop was acting a little off anyway. But once I restarted and opened up iPhoto the realization that I lost several outfit pics hit me like a Kate Spade secret sale when you have $0. Tragic.

If you happen to know any fancy schmancy SD recovery tools, please let me know.

So today you’re stuck with a random recap…

  • Went for a lovely trail ride on Friday. Serene. Perfect temperature and water crossing after water crossing. The horses were loving it. I wanted to capture some video of Gilly pawing in the water. While doing so, Diesel (my horse) decided to cool off and lay down in the creek. Yes, I was still aboard. Completely drenched but mostly unscathed we got a good laugh out of my dunking. Here’s an after shot:


  • Found out one of my agency clients is not moving forward with the work I proposed. Ugh.
  • Promised a good friend I would start working on a creative project that I’ve been too scared to start. Perfect paralysis as Marie Forleo calls it. I have to show her something by the end of the month. What have I done?
  • Returned some shoes

penny-loves-kenny-women-s-cross-dress-sandal bcbgmaxazria-jaze-nubuck-d-orsay-pump j-renee-bazuka-pump

  • Bought some shoes

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.20.09 AM AsosProgressHeels

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Outfit: Too Pale for Pastels

301_HHS-pastel-outfit 301_HHS-pastel-altpose 301_HHS-pastel-detail

I love my blush jeans and I love wearing gray but combining these muted tones just doesn’t work for me. Plus, I have come to love how bold, powerful and happy bright colors make me feel. Now I can say I tried wearing pastels and know without a doubt that they’re just not for me.

My head has been swarming with ideas lately. Ideas for the blog. Ideas for my personal growth. Ideas for a new business. Ideas for our bedroom/bathroom remodel. All this inspiration and yet very little action has been taken. I really need to work on that. There needs to be some prioritization and some clarity and focus. I keep feeling like I need a retreat. A day away from home to try and sort out my ideas. Perhaps the Montage Spa gift certificate I’ve been sitting on is the right answer.

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Outfit: It Was Supposed to be Special

300_HHS-green-leopard-outfit 300_HHS-green-leopard-altpose 300_HHS-green-leopard-cu 300_HHS-green-leopard-detail

This marks my 300th outfit post on High Heeled Style. Momentous occasion that I knew was coming and yet still missed out on the opportunity for some fanfare. I really do applaud my fellow bloggers that make this look so easy. There should’ve been a special outfit with some special props in a special location. But instead it’s just another day in my backyard. At least there is leopard print heels. Those are worth some fanfare, right?

Let’s pretend for a moment that I’m wearing a gorgeous flowing dress and a pair of spectacular heels. It’s the golden hour and the breeze is just the right amount to have fun with my dress. The location is an open space. It could be the beach but it could also be some rugged mountain terrain; someplace the dress looks out of context. Can you picture it?

So instead of shopping what I’m wearing, how about shopping the dream look?

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Outfit: So Bright

299_HHS-purple-lace-outfit 299_HHS-purple-lace-altpose 299_HHS-purple-lace-detail

Eek. It was so bright out when I took these pictures thus the squinting! I’m a little on the fence about these purple jeans. They’ve had a good run but it may be time to move on. I’ve thought about cutting them off for shorts but fear they may evoke memories of The Incredible Hulk (wasn’t that a great show?). Admittedly, when I took one of those superhero quizzes that’s who I got – yes, I’ve been know to have a few anger issues from time to time. Age is bringing me patience though. I do, however, love these new stackable rings from Shopbop!

Other than that, I’m off to Boston to present a social media plan to a client. It’s been in the works for a few months so I’m excited to dazzle them. I hope I’ll get a little out-and-about time as I’ve never been to Boston. Follow me on Instagram for pics.


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