Outfit: Black Lace for Dinner

269_HHS-black-white-lace-outfit 269_HHS-black-white-lace-altpose 269_HHS-black-white-lace-detail

An evening out with good friends over a good meal was the occasion for this outfit. I wanted to be dressy but not over-the-top. When I first paired this shirt with a white tank underneath I was surprised how stunning the simple combination was so I decided to give it another look by pairing it with skinny black pants and sparkly shoes.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Outfit: Say Yes to Yellow

268_HHS-yellow-black-outfit 268_HHS-yellow-black-altpose 268_HHS-yellow-black-detail

Before I started blogging I would’ve vehemently stayed away from yellow. I was sure it would douse my pale skin with some sort of jaundice effect. I am glad I found a way to give yellow a try because I love it! Clearly it is also a reader favorite because it is pinned like crazy. Maybe you want to give yellow a try too so I thought I’d share with you some of my most liked yellow outfits. Go. Be Bold.


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Outfit: Khaki and Black

266_HHS-khaki-black-outfit 266_HHS-khaki-black-altpose 266_HHS-khaki-black-detail

I spotted this House of Harlow necklace at Nordstrom quite a while back. Its $75 price tag scared me off but I never forgot its uniqueness. When I spotted it on Shopbop (other colors here and here) I knew I couldn’t pass it up a second time.

I was the lucky winner of a Brittany Fuson print from The Fashionable Wife. It was so hard to pick just one! After narrowing it down to my top three my final selection was Matching Stripes. Can’t wait to add this to my gallery wall.


Outfit: Casual Corduroy

264_HHS-grayorangeblack-outfit 264_HHS-grayorangeblack-altpose 264_HHS-grayorangeblack-detail

I got a few new items from Shopbop! I can’t remember the last time I owned corduroy pants (see below for link) but the familiar *swish, swish* when you walk reminded me of my childhood. I wore this to join some friends for happy hour. Casual, trendy, comfortable and a small dose of orange. Perfection.

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Event: The Limited Red Carpet Party

The majority of my wardrobe consists of pieces from The Limited. I find their styles mesh with my desired aesthetic, the fit works for my body type and man, oh, man when they have a sale, you can score some amazing pieces.

When I saw the invite for the Red Carpet event I knew it would take an incredible amount of discipline to not spend ridiculous sums of money. Overall, I behaved myself by bringing home 2 clearance shirts, a pair of pants (50% off) and a simple necklace (also 50% off)!

The event included a quick make-up session by the talented ladies from Shiseido who helped reduce my shine and make my eyes stand out.


And of course, no Red Carpet event would be complete without a fashion show. Models were decked out in professional styles for work or winning that new job.


I loved the Spring color palettes!


SpringColorTrend_warm SpringColorTrend_blues

The Limited crew was fantastic and helpful as always and clearly having a good time themselves.


What are you waiting for? Go grab some new, stylish pieces to update your Spring wardrobe. Here are a few of my favorites (click the image to purchase):

 Colorblock Stripe DressponteskaterColorblocked Sweater Tee

Outfit: Out of Focus

262_HHS-camelgrayorange-outfit 262_HHS-camelgrayorange-altpose 262_HHS-camelgrayorange-detail

Do you ever have one of those days when logically you know how good you have it but in your heart you still yearn for more? That is how I’m feeling today. I know it is in part due to a lack of clear focus. I know I can fix it but just once, I’d like a fairy godmother to *poof* in and take care of everything for me. Damn you Disney for putting that into my head.

Outfit: Monochromatic Winter White

261_HHS-whiteandcream-outfit 261_HHS-whiteandcream-altpose 261_HHS-whiteandcream-CU 261_HHS-whiteandcream-detail

Can a pale person pull off all winter white? Sure, why not? I’ve seen several monochromatic looks that I’ve wanted to try but none more than the all white look. So I did it. Sorry to repeat the Banana Republic polka dot cardigan again this week but it was required for the look. I added a red lip for a little jolt of color (and a Valentine’s Day nod) and kept the accessories minimal.

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