Internet Rabbit Hole


Happy Friday! I spend a lot of time online. Between blogging and my consulting work, I can easily get lost following links. Sometimes I feel like sharing some of my wondrous finds. Enjoy!

  • TED Talk on body language
  • Of course I enjoy shopping on Quirky (supporting inventors just feels right) but now I also found Tovolo. Just waiting for the ability to purchase these (I’m a sucker for gadgets):


I’m sure there were more random places that I ended up this week but these are the cream of the crop. I’m not sure what that says about me and my internet musings. I did do some shopping on Shopbop and The Limited so I plan to share some outfit pics with you soon!

Outfit: Dark But Not Gloomy

327_HHS-black-dkgray-outfit 327_HHS-black-dkgray-altpose 327_HHS-black-dkgray-detail

I apologize for my lack of posting last week. I had planned to share some pictures from my new master bathroom but once I got a look at them on screen I was very unhappy with them. Then I felt frustrated and disappointed in myself for still taking crappy pictures after all this time.

On top of that I didn’t really go anywhere so outfit pics were nonexistent. It was much easier to post regularly when I had to get dressed for work every day. I don’t exactly lay around in pajamas all day but I’m usually wearing barn appropriate clothes which generally consist of jeans and left over t-shirts that no longer fit my husband. Not exactly inspiring!

Ok, enough moping. I’ll work on pulling some nice looking outfits together this week. And taking some new pics of the master bathroom. It’s quite amazing.

Shop the look:

I immediately loved these jeans when I saw them but I wasn’t sure if I could pull off the style. But that’s what good return policies are for, right? I’m glad to say that I love them! Comfortable and I’ve felt good wearing them. Yay!

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Outfit: A Simple Style

326_HHS-black-gray-outfit 326_HHS-black-gray-altpose 326_HHS-black-gray-altpose2 326_HHS-black-gray-detail

I’m not sure if it is the season or my lack of full time work or maybe even, dare I say, getting older but one of these things has led me to simple outfits. Minimal colors, less accessories and easy functionality. Well, there’s still heels so maybe not total functionality! I’m not ready to give them up yet despite 2 days last week when 2 different pairs of heels gave me blisters.

I’m also so frustrated with taking photos. So even though I had some nice outfits I just didn’t take any pics. But here is an example of what I wore to a client video conference meeting in LA:

That Three Dots sweater is so soft and comfortable. I just love the uneven hemline!

And then to a friend’s pre-holiday party I wore:

Sorry I’m not one of those bloggers who remembers to take beautiful pictures everywhere I go. My hat (if I actually wore hats) is off to those ladies!

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Master Closet Reveal

I’ve been mentioning for some time that we were tackling our master bedroom and bathroom renovation. The final room in our fixer-upper that we bought over 10 years ago! I never imagined it would be the last room to get done but when it came to sleeping and showering it was functional which made it easy to continue to move it down the priority list. But it’s finally done and I’m ready to share my brand new closet.

Here’s a little refresher of the before:

Bedroom before collage

Plain walls, cheap construction and a disaster of a closet. I had previously gotten estimates for custom closet inserts but in talking with my contractor, we opted to go for Ikea boxes and frame them out to look more substantial.


Some added drawer space, more hanging space, more storage space and a few little extras like a pull out pants rack for my husband and a valet hanger for my outfit planning. We decided to not add doors since it makes the room feel closed in. Plus I like the easy access.

I’d like to eventually change the shelf above the drawers to house more decor instead of the bins but that will come down the line when I can justify spending money on pretty stuff.

But where did the shoes go? Oh, I’m so glad you asked. BEHOLD!


A better look


Yes, my very own shoe (and purse) closet. Easy access and beautiful!

I went with dark wood tones and gray walls for the overall color scheme. We found a fabulous bamboo floor and just wait until you see the bathroom. Another post. Another day.

Thank you for allowing me to share my new closet with you! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving week with good food, family, friends and shopping!

Don’t forget you can save $25 at Just follow this link:

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Outfit: Just Not Feeling It

325_HHS-black-blue-gray-outfit 325_HHS-black-blue-gray-altpose 325_HHS-black-blue-gray-detail

Dear readers, I apologize for my inconsistent blogging, my lack luster outfits and generally blah attitude. But it’s where my head and heart are these days so I’m doing my best to just put one foot in front of the other.

I really want to be one of those stylish ladies who can wear booties with a skirt. Did I pull it off? Maybe but I’ve certainly seen it done better. I’ll keep trying though.

Shop the look:

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I shopped. I spent more than I should have. But let me explain.




[click any of the images to link to the Zara site]

Zara sucked me in with items that have been on my wish list for a while. Black booties, red heels and a warm and stylish coat. I thought my requirements for booties were fairly straight forward. Almond or slightly pointed toe, leather, no peep toe, high heel (not too chunky), maybe a cute detail or two, reasonably priced – not to picky, right?

I guess my list was indeed picky because search after search yielded no results for several seasons.

Generally the same is true for red heels (not patent, not plain, not platform stripper types) and a cozy coat (jewel or round neck, practical, some interesting detail).

But there they all were. In my size and ready to be shipped. None of them were on sale. No, I couldn’t imagine waiting and missing out so I did it. I do feel guilty since it’s hard to say any of these items are essential but it did bring me a great sense of satisfaction to finally check them off my list.

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Outfit: In The Details

324_HHS-khaki-black-outfit 324_HHS-khaki-black-altpose 324_HHS-khaki-black-closeup

From afar this shirt seems simple. But when you look closer it’s chuck full of interesting details. First there is the sheer pattern. Not too sheer but it’s definitely there. Then there is the knotting detail at the top which creates flowing pleats on the front. See. Simple but not boring.

The Micheal Kors heels are another example of simple but stunning (perhaps there’s a pattern emerging in my style these days). Black with gold accents and buttery soft leather. They are easy to wear and can class up any outfit.

Here’s a closer shot of the sheer pattern on the shirt:


Shop the look (The Limited Khaki Leggings since I couldn’t find an affiliate link for them):


I’ve mentioned that I’m focused on living “cleaner.” I started by removing processed food from my diet (unless the ingredients are something I understand) and by switching from antiperspirant to a natural deodorant. I’ve tried some natural products before; crystals, sticks, essential oils but none worked to protect against odor. Until now. After checking around online, I decided to give Schmidt’s a try. It’s $9 a jar so I didn’t feel like I was wasting too much money if it didn’t work.

I ordered directly from their site. It did take over 2 weeks to arrive so I would recommend looking for a store in your area or checking Amazon if you need/want to get your hands on some quickly. Here’s the shocking news – it works! It’s survived days at the barn, retail shifts at Pier 1 and regular every day activity. My husband tried it. Works for him too (and he’s a bit of a gym rat). Then my best friend tried it and you guessed it, it works for her too. It seems to good to be true but after several weeks I’m still darn happy with it.

So if you are interested in a natural product that works, give it a try. I was NOT paid or gifted product for this review. This is just me sharing a good find.

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Outfit: Fall In

323_HHS-gray-brown-orange-outfit 323_HHS-gray-brown-orange-altpose 323_HHS-gray-brown-orange-altpose2

Temps are back to normal after our unseasonably hot summer. Perfect sunny days when you feel cool in the shade and warm in the sun. I love it. This sweater has the perfect fall colors and pairing a pencil skirt with boots is always one of my favorite transitional looks.

I’m keeping this post short and sweet today. Off to work on building a craft table, taking some pics of the new master bedroom and bathroom to share with you and fitting in work and horses somewhere in the mix. I hope you have a great week!

Shop the look:

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Outfit: Not My Finest

322_HHS-graycords-coraleyelet-outfit 322_HHS-graycords-coraleyelet-altpose 322_HHS-graycords-coraleyelet-detail

They can’t all be winners. I still have a way to go to define my casual style. It’s so boring. I was hoping that the texture of the corduroy pants with the minimal pattern of the eyelet top would look simple yet interesting. Maybe more interesting accessories would help. Accessories are still my nemesis.

In more exciting news, we got chickens at the barn. They are so cute and I can sit and watch them for hours. Fresh eggs in a few months. Part of my trying to live a cleaner life goals. More home cooking. Less chemicals and processed goods. We’ll see how long I can keep it up. Let me know if you have any good resources or ideas.

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Internet Rabbit Hole

Down_the_Rabbit_Hole__by_Cat_GrenadeI spend a lot of time online. Between blogging and my consulting work, I can easily get lost following links. Sometimes I feel like sharing some of my wondrous finds. Enjoy!

  • My Drunk Kitchen – Bean Salad
  • Shit Southern Women Say – any video; every video!
  • Simple living. It’s not that hard. Check out this list. Plus it’s written well. I like useful things written well.
  • Helpful accessories. Cool. Check out Cuff. Unfortunately it’s not available until March so I’m waiting a bit to see if it is for me.