Outfit: A Little Lace

331_HHS-casual-lace-leopard-outfit 331_HHS-casual-lace-leopard-altpose 331_HHS-casual-lace-leopard-detail

A casual look for an afternoon of shopping and a little birthday celebrating for one of my best friends. No jacket needed; a glorious reminder of why I live in southern California.

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I’m also excited to tell you about my new Etsy shop. Here are a few examples of the Lucky Toes Art that I make:

AquaGold_art GoldSilver_art PinkPurple_art

The proceeds are being used to start a non-profit animal sanctuary. It’s just in the early stages and I’ll keep you posted as it gets moving. This is the dream I’ve had since I was a little girl and I’m both excited and scared as hell. I would love your support! Hang some extra luck on your wall or share my shop with your friends. It would mean the world to me. Thank you!

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Outfit: Dark But Not Gloomy

327_HHS-black-dkgray-outfit 327_HHS-black-dkgray-altpose 327_HHS-black-dkgray-detail

I apologize for my lack of posting last week. I had planned to share some pictures from my new master bathroom but once I got a look at them on screen I was very unhappy with them. Then I felt frustrated and disappointed in myself for still taking crappy pictures after all this time.

On top of that I didn’t really go anywhere so outfit pics were nonexistent. It was much easier to post regularly when I had to get dressed for work every day. I don’t exactly lay around in pajamas all day but I’m usually wearing barn appropriate clothes which generally consist of jeans and left over t-shirts that no longer fit my husband. Not exactly inspiring!

Ok, enough moping. I’ll work on pulling some nice looking outfits together this week. And taking some new pics of the master bathroom. It’s quite amazing.

Shop the look:

I immediately loved these jeans when I saw them but I wasn’t sure if I could pull off the style. But that’s what good return policies are for, right? I’m glad to say that I love them! Comfortable and I’ve felt good wearing them. Yay!

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Outfit: Casual Red + Aqua

310_HHS-red-aqua-outfit 310_HHS-red-aqua-altpose 310_HHS-red-aqua-detail2 310_HHS-red-aqua-detail

I love the look of booties or cage type shoes with skirts and shorts on everyone but me. Sigh. I thought this look would work but I just don’t like how it turned out. Help me out stylish friends, what is wrong with this look?

There are other styles that I really like that I just can’t pull off so maybe this just needs to go on the list. Since I’m displeased with this look I couldn’t bring myself to provide you links to recreate the look. So instead, how about downloading one of the HHS color courses? Red, Yellow or Green. How about shopping my closet for some killer heels (these are going away soon)? And there is a killer back to school collection from Shopbop that you definitely need to check out. Here are a few of my favs:

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 9.47.01 AM Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 9.47.25 AM Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 9.48.06 AM

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Outfit: I Don’t Iron

292_HHS-fuchsia-aqua-outfit 292_HHS-fuchsia-aqua-altpose 292_HHS-fuchsia-aqua-detail 292_HHS-fuchsia-aqua-detail2

Sorry for the wrinkles (and not the ones on my face – those I actually like) but I just don’t do well with an iron. Plus t-shirts should never need to be ironed, right? Isn’t that a rule or something? Once we redo our bedroom, I’ll follow the advise of my friend, Nicole (see her website here) and hang up all of my t-shirts!

In other goings-ons…I bought some new shoes this weekend so I can’t wait to share those with you. My husband bought me a subscription to the Pop Sugar Must Have box for my birthday. I used to get them (when I was working full-time) but of course stopped once I left my job. I was missing the fun of getting the boxes and of trying new things so this was a great present. I already tore through just about everything in the box. I was like a giddy child at Christmas or perhaps more like a giddy fashion blogger at a 50% off sale. Here’s to a great week!

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Outfit: Orange and Aqua

276_HHS-coral-aqual-casual-outfit 276_HHS-coral-aqual-casual-altpose 276_HHS-coral-aqual-casual-detail

The funny thing about this cardigan is when I wear it with cobalt it looks red but with aqua it looks orange. I’ve always thought it was a sumptuous blood orange. The necklace, earrings and ring were all purchased from different places at different times but end up looking like a perfect match. Lucky.

I took my Great Dane, Duke, to the vet because he was occasionally limping. Sure enough, he has mild hip dysplasia which is no surprise for a Great Dane. So he’s on some pills and got a little break from exercise but yesterday marked our return to walking. He got tired quickly and I can’t believe that my thighs are sore. Ugh, why must it be work to stay in shape?

I was able to catch up on some client work yesterday – thank goodness. I’m still distracted with dreams/plans of our master bedroom/bathroom renovation and styling my work-from-home office. I’m putting together an inspiration board so you can see what I have in my head. I’m also working on a training game for Pier 1 that I get a little giddy over.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to get a lust worthy new dress from eShakti. Perfect for Spring and made even sweeter with your 10% discount with code HIGHHEELEDS.


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Outfit: It’s A Challenge

174_HHS-aqua-gray-black-outfit 174_HHS-aqua-gray-black-altpose 174_HHS-aqua-gray-black-detail 174_HHS-aqua-gray-black-closeup

Blogging can be a challenge. Get lazy with your content or post frequency and you’ll see your audience fade away. After almost two years of blogging, I still hesitate sharing much about my life. Originally, it felt like posting pictures of my outfits was bold enough. I felt like I was really putting myself out there. But after reading other blogs I realized I could do more. Immediately following that realization was a question of “do I want to do more?” I am still unsure of the answer.

Today, I decided to dip my toes just a little further in the water. Here goes…

My business partner and I have reluctantly decided to close our start-up. Life demanded that we get suitable incomes and those roles have mostly eliminated our ability to give the business the fuel it needed to thrive. Our hearts are sad. Our wallets a little less sad but our entrepreneurial spirit has not been broken. We’ll keep dreaming up our next adventure.

I left my full-time role as an advertising executive in September of 2012. I never imagined I would become such a free spirit. I can hardly imagine going back to a regular work week at a regular office job. It now represents the antithesis of how I define happiness. I’m fortunate to have a great network that allows me to leverage my work skills as a contractor and to have a personal network that allows me to get paid for things I am passionate about such as horses and fashion. My days are filled with creativity and chaos (just the right amount of chaos). Isn’t life’s journey strange?

This week I get to be a model in a hair stylist competition, get to review a dress from eShakti, present a social media plan to a client and build a website. I made a few new purchases which I’ll share with you shortly and am working on plans for our master bedroom/bathroom renovation.

Well, thank you for reading and please let me know if I shared interesting things or if I should go back to short outfit related content.

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Outfit: Color Makes Me Happy

208_HHS-yellow-aqua-outfit 208_HHS-yellow-aqua-altpose 208_HHS-yellow-aqua-altpose2 208_HHS-yellow-aqua-detail

Aren’t these bright colors fun? It was only a year ago that my wardrobe was mostly gray and black. I still love a crisp black ensemble but I’m so glad I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and bought colorful pieces. What’s your relationship with color?

Details: Shirt and tank from The Limited / Jeans from Loft / Necklace from Talbot’s / Nine West heels

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Outfit: June Gloom

197_HHS-aqua-yellow-beige-outfit 197_HHS-aqua-yellow-beige-detail 197_HHS-aqua-yellow-beige-altpose2

If you live in southern CA you’re familiar with June Gloom. Mornings start off hazy until it burns off in the afternoon to reveal beautiful clear skies. Well, I am not good at taking pictures with this crazy lighting so you’ll have to excuse these hazy pics. We’re taking the horses camping this weekend. I hope you get to have some fun and relaxation too.

Details: Yellow tank and shorts from The Limited / Aqua Halogen tank from Nordstrom / Nine West Rain Date heels from Zappos / Necklace from Francesca’s

Outfit: Warming Trends

177_HHS-aqua-gray-outfit 177_HHS-aqua-gray-altpose 177_HHS-aqua-gray-altpose2 177_HHS-aqua-gray-detail

Oh, colorful pencil skirt how I’ve missed you! Warmer weather unleashes skirts and dresses and sandals and I couldn’t be happier. Since I’m having to stretch my existing wardrobe due to my $0 shopping budget, it’s nice to have access to something other than blazers and pants. Plus, I busted out the purple hair extensions because…well, there’s no reason other than I felt like it. I’ve decided to get additional colors so I can play with them all summer long!

Details: Top – no idea where I got this from, maybe TJ Maxx / Skirt from The Limited / Calvin Klein Viviana heels

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Outfit: Margaritas Make Me Happy

176_HHS-orangedress-aqua-alpose 176_HHS-orangedress-aqua-outfit


I’ve been working on better eating habits but when I got a chance to go to happy hour with friends I couldn’t say no to a few margaritas. I managed to avoid the fried bar food so that has to count for something, right? I’ve only worn this dress one other time because it’s a little shorter than I usually wear. But for happy hour and 80° it was perfect!

Details: Dress from Francesca’s / Belt from Loft / Necklace from Stella & Dot / Jessica Simpson Armat heels from DSW

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