Outfit: Book Nerd

345_HHS-library-gray-black-outfit 345_HHS-library-gray-black-altpose 345_HHS-library-gray-black-detail

When I saw this shirt from Out of Print, I immediately bought one for me and for my bestie. She’s a writer and we’re both book nerds. One of my favorite childhood memories was walking to the library with my grandma. You were allowed to check out as many books as you were years old. Not that birthdays aren’t amazing as a kid but knowing I could get one more book every trip to the library (and pick out a free toy from Johnny’s Toy Store) really was the highlight of each new year.

These cute lace slip ons are from Target. Oh, Target you get us, you really get us.



As promised, I want to share with you something I’ve been working on over the past few months. It’s been my life-long dream to live on a ranch full of all sorts of animals. Now, it’s coming true! With the help of my best friend, we’ve started a non profit animal sanctuary named Lemon Ranch. I’d love for you to visit the site and help spread the word about our rescue. We are not only saving animals but also sharing the experience of animals with individuals who will benefit from their unconditional love.

We already have 3 wonderful animals at a temporary location. Our next goal is to find our permanent home. Stay tuned!

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Outfit: Dark But Not Gloomy

327_HHS-black-dkgray-outfit 327_HHS-black-dkgray-altpose 327_HHS-black-dkgray-detail

I apologize for my lack of posting last week. I had planned to share some pictures from my new master bathroom but once I got a look at them on screen I was very unhappy with them. Then I felt frustrated and disappointed in myself for still taking crappy pictures after all this time.

On top of that I didn’t really go anywhere so outfit pics were nonexistent. It was much easier to post regularly when I had to get dressed for work every day. I don’t exactly lay around in pajamas all day but I’m usually wearing barn appropriate clothes which generally consist of jeans and left over t-shirts that no longer fit my husband. Not exactly inspiring!

Ok, enough moping. I’ll work on pulling some nice looking outfits together this week. And taking some new pics of the master bathroom. It’s quite amazing.

Shop the look:

I immediately loved these jeans when I saw them but I wasn’t sure if I could pull off the style. But that’s what good return policies are for, right? I’m glad to say that I love them! Comfortable and I’ve felt good wearing them. Yay!

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Outfit: A Simple Style

326_HHS-black-gray-outfit 326_HHS-black-gray-altpose 326_HHS-black-gray-altpose2 326_HHS-black-gray-detail

I’m not sure if it is the season or my lack of full time work or maybe even, dare I say, getting older but one of these things has led me to simple outfits. Minimal colors, less accessories and easy functionality. Well, there’s still heels so maybe not total functionality! I’m not ready to give them up yet despite 2 days last week when 2 different pairs of heels gave me blisters.

I’m also so frustrated with taking photos. So even though I had some nice outfits I just didn’t take any pics. But here is an example of what I wore to a client video conference meeting in LA:

That Three Dots sweater is so soft and comfortable. I just love the uneven hemline!

And then to a friend’s pre-holiday party I wore:

Sorry I’m not one of those bloggers who remembers to take beautiful pictures everywhere I go. My hat (if I actually wore hats) is off to those ladies!

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Outfit: In The Details

324_HHS-khaki-black-outfit 324_HHS-khaki-black-altpose 324_HHS-khaki-black-closeup

From afar this shirt seems simple. But when you look closer it’s chuck full of interesting details. First there is the sheer pattern. Not too sheer but it’s definitely there. Then there is the knotting detail at the top which creates flowing pleats on the front. See. Simple but not boring.

The Micheal Kors heels are another example of simple but stunning (perhaps there’s a pattern emerging in my style these days). Black with gold accents and buttery soft leather. They are easy to wear and can class up any outfit.

Here’s a closer shot of the sheer pattern on the shirt:


Shop the look (The Limited Khaki Leggings since I couldn’t find an affiliate link for them):


I’ve mentioned that I’m focused on living “cleaner.” I started by removing processed food from my diet (unless the ingredients are something I understand) and by switching from antiperspirant to a natural deodorant. I’ve tried some natural products before; crystals, sticks, essential oils but none worked to protect against odor. Until now. After checking around online, I decided to give Schmidt’s a try. It’s $9 a jar so I didn’t feel like I was wasting too much money if it didn’t work.

I ordered directly from their site. It did take over 2 weeks to arrive so I would recommend looking for a store in your area or checking Amazon if you need/want to get your hands on some quickly. Here’s the shocking news – it works! It’s survived days at the barn, retail shifts at Pier 1 and regular every day activity. My husband tried it. Works for him too (and he’s a bit of a gym rat). Then my best friend tried it and you guessed it, it works for her too. It seems to good to be true but after several weeks I’m still darn happy with it.

So if you are interested in a natural product that works, give it a try. I was NOT paid or gifted product for this review. This is just me sharing a good find.

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Outfit: Black and Fuchsia

319_HHS-black-fuchsia-outfit 319_HHS-black-fuchsia-altpose 319_HHS-black-fuchsia-detail

I have this top for a few years now and I’m still tickled each time I wear it with it’s simple but flattering details. It’s a little bit sexy but also sweet. That’s a hard combination to find! Overall the outfit is a little darker than I envisioned but it was still a good choice for a client presentation.

Speaking of work, I’ve been so busy lately. It’s a good thing but I haven’t had the time to play with my creative projects. I’m behind on blog posts, I’m behind on some work and on last week’s full moon trail ride, my horse clearly demonstrated that I haven’t spent enough time with him either. Oh, he was so naughty.

And when are we going to put up the Halloween decorations?

Who’s going to pull the weeds in the back yard?

And the list goes on…

I did, however, find time to go to Planet Beauty’s 25% off sale. A girl has to have her priorities.

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Outfit: I Dig Sexy Shoes

315_HHS-black-gold-print-outfit 315_HHS-black-gold-print-altpose 315_HHS-black-gold-print-detail2 315_HHS-black-gold-print-detail

Am I a shallow person because these shoes made me happy? I don’t think so. It’s not like they solved every insecurity I have or cured my depression but they make me feel fortunate and sexy and stylish whenever I look at them. That has to count for something, right?

They were stupid expensive and if it weren’t for being a Shopbop affiliate, I would never had the opportunity to try on, let alone own a pair of couture heels. The leather is dreamy. The detailing divine. Are the more comfortable than any other pair of heels? Of course not. But strutting around like the CEO, creative genius, golden hearted, mega-liked woman that I envision in my head is SOOOO worth it.

Is there a lesson in all of this? Maybe. Don’t be afraid to make a ridiculous decision to spoil yourself.

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Outfit: Red and Black

172_HHS-SimpleRedBlack-outfit 172_HHS-SimpleRedBlack-altpose 172_HHS-SimpleRedBlack-detail

I love these new Exact Stretch 5 pocket skinny pants from The Limited. They fit right between denim and dress pants and are perfect for casual but put together looks.

I’m ready for a hair change. I like the length but the color and the style need some jazzing up. Something a little sassier and more fun. Only a couple weeks left before my next appointment and I can’t wait to show you the end result.

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Outfit: Say Yes to Yellow

268_HHS-yellow-black-outfit 268_HHS-yellow-black-altpose 268_HHS-yellow-black-detail

Before I started blogging I would’ve vehemently stayed away from yellow. I was sure it would douse my pale skin with some sort of jaundice effect. I am glad I found a way to give yellow a try because I love it! Clearly it is also a reader favorite because it is pinned like crazy. Maybe you want to give yellow a try too so I thought I’d share with you some of my most liked yellow outfits. Go. Be Bold.


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Outfit: Khaki and Black

266_HHS-khaki-black-outfit 266_HHS-khaki-black-altpose 266_HHS-khaki-black-detail

I spotted this House of Harlow necklace at Nordstrom quite a while back. Its $75 price tag scared me off but I never forgot its uniqueness. When I spotted it on Shopbop (other colors here and here) I knew I couldn’t pass it up a second time.

I was the lucky winner of a Brittany Fuson print from The Fashionable Wife. It was so hard to pick just one! After narrowing it down to my top three my final selection was Matching Stripes. Can’t wait to add this to my gallery wall.


Outfit: The Perfect Casual Blazer

240_HHS-gray-black-blazer-outfit 240_HHS-gray-black-blazer-altpose 240_HHS-gray-black-blazer-detail

I loved this blazer the moment I spotted it on Shopbop.com. It’s comfortable like a sweatshirt but has the structure of a blazer. The black collar and coordinating cuffs and pockets help to dress it up. The perfect blazer for the casual office.

Details: Pencey Standard blazer c/o Shopbop / Mossimo top from Target / 917 Skinny jeans from The Limited / Coach Caya heels from Macy’s