Outfit: A New Red Bag

249_HHS-red-black-outfit 249_HHS-red-black-altpose 249_HHS-red-black-altpose2 249_HHS-red-black-detail

Back with my favorite color combination – red, black and white. All to match my new laptop bag which I just scooped up from a Kate Spade Saturday sale. I’ve been looking for a non-traditional laptop bag and the fact that this bag came in red and had the pockets on the outside meant it had to be mine. Should I have spent the money on it? No. But is it motivating me to re-focus on deciding what I want to be when I grow up? Yes.

Outfit: The Perfect Casual Blazer

240_HHS-gray-black-blazer-outfit 240_HHS-gray-black-blazer-altpose 240_HHS-gray-black-blazer-detail

I loved this blazer the moment I spotted it on Shopbop.com. It’s comfortable like a sweatshirt but has the structure of a blazer. The black collar and coordinating cuffs and pockets help to dress it up. The perfect blazer for the casual office.

Details: Pencey Standard blazer c/o Shopbop / Mossimo top from Target / 917 Skinny jeans from The Limited / Coach Caya heels from Macy’s


Oufit: Teal and Black

217_HHS-teal-black-outfit 217_HHS-teal-black-altpose 217_HHS-teal-black-altpose2 217_HHS-teal-black-detail

Until I saw these pictures, I didn’t notice how cute and flirty this outfit looked. I’ve had the skirt and tank for quite a while but I don’t believe I’ve paired them together previously. The detail on the belt and simple accessories are fun touches without being overpowering.

Details: Skirt, tank, belt from The Limited / Coach Caya heels from Macy’s

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Outfit: I Mean Business

182_HHS-cobalt-orange-outfit 182_HHS-cobalt-orange-altpose 182_HHS-cobalt-orange-detail

I have been taking advantage of not working full time by attending webinars, seminars (often put on by SCORE – if you’re a small business owner or want to be, you should definitely check them out!), networking and researching. This outfit felt like a power suit without the usually-boring-but-sharp aspects of a typical power suit. I am often the only person at these events with visible tattoos (you know some people are hiding some ink somewhere) so I have no issue letting my creativity and love of colors come through in my wardrobe.

Details: Skirt, lace shirt and belt from The Limited / Halogen cardigan from Nordstrom / Coach Caya heels from Macy’s

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Outfit: Colorful Mixer




I’ve been dusting off my networking skills lately. At the end of last year hardly a week passed that I didn’t have some sort of networking event. I took a break for a couple of months and am now back at it (but at a lower frequency). Comfortable shoes – check. Professional but not stuffy – check.

Details: Shirt, necklace and polka dot vest from The Limited / Jag pants from Nordstrom / Coach Caya heels from Macy’s

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Outfit: Beating the Blues




I’ve seen some good looks on other blogs and in some magazines where scarfs are used as belts. However, I’ve been hesitant to give it a whirl because it has to be done just right or it looks a little sloppy or dated. There were a couple of attempts (tied in a knot, tied in a bow) before I settled on this obi inspired version.

See that fabulous beaded bracelet? That was hand crafted by my good friend Tiffany! I have a feeling she’ll be selling them soon because every one who sees them wants one.

PS. Sorry for the harsh noon day lighting.

Details: Shirt, skirt and scarf from The Limited / Limited Edition Coach Poppy Leather push lock tote bag / Franco Sarto heels from Nordstrom

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Outfit: Black and White Trend




When I started this blog, I was working towards getting out of my black/white rut. So funny that it is now a “trend.” For me it’s an ongoing trend as the combination always looks crisp, professional and classic. But I’m more than happy to jump on this particular trend and was excited to bust out the white jeans (oh how I’ve missed you this winter).

Details: Tank, necklace and jeans from The Limited / Jacket from Nordstrom / Coach Caya heels from Macy’s

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Outfit: Black and White Pattern




I’ve had both of these pieces for a while but have never put them together. Don’t you just love when you find new outfits in your existing wardrobe? The intense pattern of the dress is somewhat subdued by the clean lines of the old school letterman style cardigan. I often have issues with this cardigan. It’s form fitting and long so it doesn’t always layer well but I’m happy with it open and belted. It may have just gotten saved from the donation pile.

Details: Dress old / Cardigan from Nordstrom / Belt from The Limited / Coach Caya heels from Macy’s

Outfit: Python Strikes Again





For some reason I had not thought of wearing black with this skirt until I spotted it on The Double Take Girls blog. I’ve worn it mostly with neutrals or pops of color (here and here) but not with black. Weird considering that was my go-to color before starting this blog. I love taking the structure of a business outfit and adding something unexpected like python print. Still work appropriate but with a very stylish statement.

Details: Shirt, cardigan, necklace and skirt from The Limited / Nine West coat from Macy’s / Belt from Francesca’s / Coach Caya heels from Macy’s

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