Outfit: Saved by Cobalt

303_HHS-cobalt-white-outfit 303_HHS-cobalt-white-altpose 303_HHS-cobalt-white-altpose2 303_HHS-cobalt-white-detail

I don’t have much to say about this outfit. If it wasn’t for the cobalt it would be very boring. Sometimes my passion for creative and bold outfits wanes and I just end up with minimal styling. This is one of those days. So on to other things…

Celebrated a friend’s 30th birthday (see some pics on Instagram – please follow while you’re there!). A nice excuse to get dressed up – outfit pics coming soon.

Went on a group trail ride with some great ladies from the barn. It was relaxing and fun. I’m so appreciative of my flexible schedule that allows me to join in on these types of activities. I spent so many years riding by myself after work that I forgot  how good a community of cowgirls can be.

Started packing up our room so we can get the master bed/bath renovations underway. I’ve got all the pieces picked out and can’t wait to see the final design. We’ve been living with an ugly room for over 10 years. Originally I thought it would be the first room we did but it has ended up being the last. It’s probably a good thing because my taste has matured since we originally bought the house and the elements that we’re pulling together are going to be spectacular.

Have a great week!

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Outfit: Pants to Love

239_HHS-blue-gray-outfit 239_HHS-blue-gray-altpose 239_HHS-blue-gray-detail

Finally! I found a pair of pants that fit and look the way I want. These are the Exact Stretch pants from The Limited (of course). Next time they are on sale, I’ll undoubtedly by more colors.

Short term memory loss on Monday. Extremely noticeable gray roots today. There are many great things about turning 40 but those two things are not included.

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Outfit: Wearing Watercolors

235_HHS-patterndress-outfit 235_HHS-patterndress-altpose 235_HHS-patterndress-detail

The weather has to be just right for this dress. The material plus the long sleeves make it hard to wear in warm weather but the fact that it’s a dress makes it hard to wear if it’s too cold. I’m afraid it would be static cling city if I wore tights to it only comes out a few times a year. So maybe it wasn’t a practical purchase but I love the watercolor inspired pattern and the fun mix of colors.

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Outfit: Orange and Cobalt

213_HHS-cobalt-orange-outfit 213_HHS-cobalt-orange-altpose 213_HHS-cobalt-orange-altpose2 213_HHS-cobalt-orange-detail

Boy oh boy do I love this color combination! I’ve worn it a couple of different ways here and here as well. If this pale girl can wear bright colors there’s no way it won’t look good on you too. Jump on in!

Details: Orange Halogen tank and Enzo Angiolini heels from Nordstrom / Jeans, tank and scarf from The Limited

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Outfit: Office Stripes

212_HHS-striped-skirt-white-outfit 212_HHS-striped-skirt-white-altpose 212_HHS-striped-skirt-white-detail

Some of you know that I’m not actually going to an office anymore (I left my job last September) but I do still go to work (check out Think Brite Be Brite to see what I’m up to) each day and dress the part. I’ve worn this skirt with several different tops but this is the first time I wore a classic white button down.

Details: Skirt and shirt from The Limited / Enzo Angiolini heels from Nordstrom

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Outfit: Dress For Success

195_HHS-blue-yellow-white-outfit 195_HHS-blue-yellow-white-altpose 195_HHS-blue-yellow-white-detail

I’m feeling a little under the weather today (thus my late in the day post) but luckily I took some pictures last week when I was feeling more comfortable. This is a new shirt from The Limited that I got for under $30 due to a 50% off sale they had. I love a good deal!

I’m also distracted because I’ve launched a new business. I won’t go into all the details here so please head over to Think Brite Be Brite and see how to double your happiness!

Details: Skirt and shirt (similar) from The Limited / Yellow Caslon t-shirt from Nordstrom / Enzo Angiolini Pop Culture heels from Macy’s

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