October Shopping

I really am working on scaling back the shopping (*husband nods emphatically*) since I am currently without a full-time job but there were a few occasions last month and too many good deals that I couldn’t pass up.

  1. Just Taylor dress from Nordstrom’s Rack ($45)
  2. Striped Side Button Sweater (on sale for $34.53 and I used my $15 rewards dollars so it was practically free)
  3. Francesca’s Flaming Hot Dress ($48). The chevron lace detail is amazing and how can you pass up a dress with a name like that?
  4. Xhilaration green lace pencil skirt from Target ($19.99)
  5. Coach Madison Medium Wallet in Citron ($138 but used 25% off coupon)
  6. [not pictured] Target Xhilaration Vinyl leggings $29.99 seen here

And from the Good Will Hunting event put on by The Wardrobe Code, I scored an Ann Taylor Loft blazer ($10), a Elie Tahari shirt ($6) and a Ellen Tracy button down ($6). If you live in the Orange County area and want to attend a Good Will Hunting event, make sure you follow Nicole to find out about the next outing.

And lastly but not because of their lack of importance…shoes. I needed to find some closed toed options for Fall and here is what I’ve found so far.

Off Broadway
Diba Wizard Leopard booties $65 (paid $17.88)
Pelle Black Sheep $130 (paid $25.04)

Nordstrom’s Rack Nine West gray pinstripe heels ($39)

Coach Caya Heel ($178 paid $89.99)
Enzo Angiolini Popculture Pumps, Ocean Suede ($89.99)

So, my goal is absolutely no clothes or shoe shopping in November. Think I can do it?