Outfit: How to Say Goodbye

346_HHS-cream-lace-pink-outfit 346_HHS-cream-lace-pink-altpose 346_HHS-cream-lace-pink-detail 346_HHS-cream-lace-pink-detail2

Dear Cardigans, we had a good run. Great even. You were a workplace staple. You kept me warm. You added color and you were sophisticated. But times have changed. I’m not the girl I was when we first met. These things happen. Everyone changes and sometimes it’s in different directions. You’re still everything you once were but I need something new. I need a look to fit with my new vision of self and as hard as I’ve tried I just can’t see you in this new role. I know you’ll make some other lady very happy. I’ll never forget our time together and perhaps we’ll meet again.

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Outfit: Book Nerd

345_HHS-library-gray-black-outfit 345_HHS-library-gray-black-altpose 345_HHS-library-gray-black-detail

When I saw this shirt from Out of Print, I immediately bought one for me and for my bestie. She’s a writer and we’re both book nerds. One of my favorite childhood memories was walking to the library with my grandma. You were allowed to check out as many books as you were years old. Not that birthdays aren’t amazing as a kid but knowing I could get one more book every trip to the library (and pick out a free toy from Johnny’s Toy Store) really was the highlight of each new year.

These cute lace slip ons are from Target. Oh, Target you get us, you really get us.



As promised, I want to share with you something I’ve been working on over the past few months. It’s been my life-long dream to live on a ranch full of all sorts of animals. Now, it’s coming true! With the help of my best friend, we’ve started a non profit animal sanctuary named Lemon Ranch. I’d love for you to visit the site and help spread the word about our rescue. We are not only saving animals but also sharing the experience of animals with individuals who will benefit from their unconditional love.

We already have 3 wonderful animals at a temporary location. Our next goal is to find our permanent home. Stay tuned!

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Outfit: A Little Lace

331_HHS-casual-lace-leopard-outfit 331_HHS-casual-lace-leopard-altpose 331_HHS-casual-lace-leopard-detail

A casual look for an afternoon of shopping and a little birthday celebrating for one of my best friends. No jacket needed; a glorious reminder of why I live in southern California.

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I’m also excited to tell you about my new Etsy shop. Here are a few examples of the Lucky Toes Art that I make:

AquaGold_art GoldSilver_art PinkPurple_art

The proceeds are being used to start a non-profit animal sanctuary. It’s just in the early stages and I’ll keep you posted as it gets moving. This is the dream I’ve had since I was a little girl and I’m both excited and scared as hell. I would love your support! Hang some extra luck on your wall or share my shop with your friends. It would mean the world to me. Thank you!

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Outfit: Green Lace and Gray Dots

313_HHS-gray-greenlace-outfit 313_HHS-gray-greenlace-altpose 313_HHS-gray-greenlace-detail

Oh my biscuits it has been so darn hot! Quite unbearable. It’s been affecting my ability to do my work, to ride horses and has completely negated any motivation for creative endeavors. I never thought I would be anxious for cooler weather but now that I’m nursing an uncomfortable heat rash, I am darn ready for it to cool down. We’ve survived 11 years in our home without air conditioning. It used to be there were about 5 days a year that we wished we had it but these last 3 years have been brutal. All of our money is currently going into the master bed/bath remodel but I’m going to make a serious effort to save up for AC for next year.

It’s almost time for my next salon appointment and I’m trying to decide if I should stick with the red or go back to blonde. Any thoughts?

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Outfit: Lace Dress

306_HHS-lacedress-outfit 306_HHS-lacedress-altpose 306_HHS-lacedress-altpose2

Left the house. Went up to LA. Attended a social gathering. These are all things that I rarely do anymore. When did I turn into such a homebody?

Thank you Sally Hansen and setting sun for making my legs look tan. I finally broke down and bought a clutch. For the longest time I really couldn’t figure out why many bloggers seem to have them. Was it just for the sake of completing an outfit for a post or was it really a bag they use on a regular basis? But if you travel or need a dressier bag they really are quite useful. Now I have one and I’ve already used it!

It’s been quite hot here lately but we began the bedroom/bathroom demolition any way. Demolition is fun. It is less fun when you are dripping sweat but it’s still fun. The contractor is coming next week!!

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Outfit: Lace It Up

302_HHS-black-lace-green-outfit 302_HHS-black-lace-green-altpose 302_HHS-black-lace-green-detail 302_HHS-black-lace-green-detail2 302_HHS-black-lace-green-detail3

As soon as the temperatures rise I only want to wear loose fitting and light weight clothes. A nice knit skirt (Pure DKNY c/o Shopbop) and a lace front baseball shirt are the perfect combination of relaxed but not sloppy. I’m still surprised (and definitely glad) at how often I can wear these green heels!

It appears the lost picture debacle (read about it here) was just a fluke as new pics are now working fine. Too bad I can’t remember what outfits I lost.

We survived a trip to IKEA last weekend and made it out of there only purchasing what we went there to purchase – closet inserts for the bedroom remodel. Once we get the bathroom vanity and fixtures I think we’ll be ready to start demolition. My favorite part!

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Outfit: So Bright

299_HHS-purple-lace-outfit 299_HHS-purple-lace-altpose 299_HHS-purple-lace-detail

Eek. It was so bright out when I took these pictures thus the squinting! I’m a little on the fence about these purple jeans. They’ve had a good run but it may be time to move on. I’ve thought about cutting them off for shorts but fear they may evoke memories of The Incredible Hulk (wasn’t that a great show?). Admittedly, when I took one of those superhero quizzes that’s who I got – yes, I’ve been know to have a few anger issues from time to time. Age is bringing me patience though. I do, however, love these new stackable rings from Shopbop!

Other than that, I’m off to Boston to present a social media plan to a client. It’s been in the works for a few months so I’m excited to dazzle them. I hope I’ll get a little out-and-about time as I’ve never been to Boston. Follow me on Instagram for pics.


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Outfit: Black Lace for Dinner

269_HHS-black-white-lace-outfit 269_HHS-black-white-lace-altpose 269_HHS-black-white-lace-detail

An evening out with good friends over a good meal was the occasion for this outfit. I wanted to be dressy but not over-the-top. When I first paired this shirt with a white tank underneath I was surprised how stunning the simple combination was so I decided to give it another look by pairing it with skinny black pants and sparkly shoes.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

still being [molly]

Outfit: Casual Corduroy

264_HHS-grayorangeblack-outfit 264_HHS-grayorangeblack-altpose 264_HHS-grayorangeblack-detail

I got a few new items from Shopbop! I can’t remember the last time I owned corduroy pants (see below for link) but the familiar *swish, swish* when you walk reminded me of my childhood. I wore this to join some friends for happy hour. Casual, trendy, comfortable and a small dose of orange. Perfection.

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Current Elliot cords


Outfit: Subtle Patterns

252_HHS-greenlaceanddots-outfit 252_HHS-greenlaceanddots-altpose 252_HHS-greenlaceanddots-detail

This lace pencil skirt from Target has lasted much longer than expected which is a wonderful surprise. I had no idea how much use I could get out of a green skirt (like here and here). Subtle pattern on pattern mixing is something I’m getting much more comfortable doing. So who knows. Maybe bold pattern mixing is not too far behind.

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