Oufit: Green and Leopard

278_HHS-green-beige-leopard-outfit 278_HHS-green-beige-leopard-altpose 278_HHS-green-beige-leopard-detail

Check out those pasty gams! This is the first time in many, many years that I have bought shorts that are shorter than knee length. Mainly because I hate my knees. I realize it’s a funny body part to hate and I’m not sure there is anything that I could do to change it but what can I say, they are something I prefer to hide. But when I saw these Drew cut shorts from The Limited, I decided to be brave and add some variety to my summer wardrobe. The color is fantastic (I also got them in red) and I felt ok about my legs as long as I was wearing heels – of course!

Now, let’s talk about these shoes. A year or so ago, I was hesitant to add leopard to my wardrobe. So instead of making a large price commitment, I opted for a pair of Mossimo leopard heels from Target. As I found myself wearing them more and more, I was keeping my eyes open for a nicer pair. DSW came through! I got this pair for a steal – $32 and love the silhouette. So sharp.

The horse property I looked at last week was pretty great. The home is in good shape and would mostly need some cosmetic changes to suit my style. The arena and barn will need some love before they would be workable. My insides get all jittery just even thinking about it! I should know this week whether or not it is even a remote possibility. Here’s hoping no one else snatches it up. And further hope that it’s something that we can make a reality.

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Outfit: Khaki and Black

266_HHS-khaki-black-outfit 266_HHS-khaki-black-altpose 266_HHS-khaki-black-detail

I spotted this House of Harlow necklace at Nordstrom quite a while back. Its $75 price tag scared me off but I never forgot its uniqueness. When I spotted it on Shopbop (other colors here and here) I knew I couldn’t pass it up a second time.

I was the lucky winner of a Brittany Fuson print from The Fashionable Wife. It was so hard to pick just one! After narrowing it down to my top three my final selection was Matching Stripes. Can’t wait to add this to my gallery wall.


Outfit: Casual Lace

222_HHS-lace-leopard-denim-outfit 222_HHS-lace-leopard-denim-altpose 222_HHS-lace-leopard-denim-altpose2 222_HHS-lace-leopard-denim-detail 222_HHS-lace-leopard-denim-hair

What a fun farewell to summer outfit! The lace t-shirt dresses up the distressed denim shorts. Purple hair streaks and leopard print add adventure to a ho-hum color palette. What do you think of the stacked belts?

Details: Top and earrings from Spotted Moth / Kut jean shorts and cuff bracelet from Nordstrom / Heels from Target

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Outfit: Inspiration Spin

209_HHS-white-black-leopard-outfit 209_HHS-white-black-leopard-altpose 209_HHS-white-black-leopard-detail 209_HHS-white-black-leopard-cudetail

When I saw the photo below, my first thought was I wanted her legs. My second thought was, I need that bag! After the envy subsided, excitement took over because I have the elements needed to recreate the look. But it was a little to warm for my long sleeve chambray top so I modified it to a classic black & white combination. I’m sure the chambray version will show up this fall though.

Details: Tank, shirt and jeans from The Limited / Necklace from Talbot’s / Mossimo heels from Target

Inspiration photo:


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Outfit: HHS 200th Post

200_HHS-bluedress-leopard-outfit 200_HHS-bluedress-leopard-altpose 200_HHS-bluedress-leopard-altpose2 200_HHS-bluedress-leopard-detail

That’s pretty exciting stuff, right? It’s been a great ride. Personally, I’ve gotten better at shopping, mixing colors, mixing prints and blogging. These were all goals that I set at the beginning of this adventure. Photography still frustrates me as does accessorizing but I’ll keep plugging away. I’m still considering changing how I post/where I post/what I post for High Heeled Style but for now my current routine will remain. Thank you to all my new blogging friends and readers for your support!

Details: Mossimo dress and heels from Target / Leather wrap and glass bead bracelets from Think Brite Be Brite

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Outfit: Mixing with Leopard




I know I’ve mentioned before that I was a little hesitant about adding leopard print to my wardrobe. Too much of it can be tacky but I’ve come to love it as accent pieces. I think it adds the right amount of flair to this simple outfit. And if I’m not mistaken, this is the first time that I’ve worn the leopard belt and shoes at the same time. This may just be the largest dose of leopard you’ll see on this blog!

Details: Cardigan, 917 skinny jeans, belt and necklace from The Limited / Style & Co shirt from Macy’s / Jewelry from Nordstrom’s Rack / Mossimo heels from Target

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Outfit: Feeling Bold





It didn’t take long for me to wear my new green jeans! I think the combination of black/white stripes, bold colors and leopard shoes turned out amazing. I didn’t even leave the house in this great outfit but I felt like I could take over the world while wearing it. I needed the confidence boost and I snub my nose at the naysayers who think caring about what you’re wearing is vain.

PS. For some reason I love when dark nail polish looks chipped and worn. Is that weird?

Details: Pleione striped top from Nordstrom / 678 colored jeans and tank from The Limited / Necklace from Talbots / Mossimo leopard pumps from Target

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Outfit: Navy + Orange Two Ways





I don’t remember when the inspiration struck but I decided I wanted to pair my navy pencil skirt with an orange top. I love navy and orange together which makes it hard to believe that I haven’t done this before. And once I decided on the shirt and skirt two ways to wear it immediately came to mind. Some days you can stare into your closet and not ‘see’ anything and some days you get a two for one!

Look 1 details: Pencil skirt from The Limited / Bobeau peasant top from Nordstrom / Striped jacket from J Crew Factory / necklace from Talbots / Ralph Lauren heels from Off Broadway

Look 2 details: Same skirt and shirt / Loft jacket from Goodwill / necklace from Nordstrom’s Rack / Diba Wizard booties from Off Broadway

I was pleasantly surprised how well my mint manicure went with the orange top. Perhaps I’ll find an outfit combination with those colors in the future.

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Outfit: Winter Brights


Originally, I planned to wear my leopard heels with this outfit but I didn’t like the way they looked with the black tights. So, back to my worn-to-death black boots. This will be their last season for sure. Sigh. I’ve missed wearing this coral skirt which made it the starting point of the outfit. I didn’t want to winterize it too much so the teal shirt helped to keep it bright.

Details: Long sleeved shirt from Express / Coral pencil skirt, cardigan and leopard belt from The Limited / Necklace from F21 / Bandolino boots

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