Outfit: Green Lace with Neutrals

233_HHS-greenlace-neutral-outfit 233_HHS-greenlace-neutral-altpose 233_HHS-greenlace-neutral-detail 233_HHS-greenlace-neutral-altpose2

Usually when  wear this skirt I pair it with bright colors. I’ve worn it with yellow, magenta and bold black and white stripes but this is the first time that I’ve let it be the star of the outfit. I wouldn’t have believed that a green lace skirt from Target could be so versatile! I hope you’re having a great week.

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Outfit: Summer Lovin’

220_HHS-coral-yellow-outfit 220_HHS-coral-yellow-altpose 220_HHS-coral-yellow-detail

I hear that Fall is coming. I see it in all the magazines but So Cal has not gotten the message. I’m not complaining though because I’m happy to keep wearing skirts and all my bright colors. I’ve been in CA for over 15 years now but my MI upbringing still has me resenting Fall as the precursor to Winter. So I’ve been trying to find things I’m looking forward to this Fall/Winter. Here is what I have so far:

  • Wearing boots. I even have a new pair that I got on my last trip to MI that I’ve been dying to wear.
  • Stew. My husband makes the best stews (no veggies for this girl) and I’m looking forward to the warm deliciousness.

Yep, that’s all I’ve got so far. I’ll keep working on it.

Details: Caslon t-shirt from Nordstrom / Skirt from The Limited / Necklace from Stella & Dot / Nine West heels

Join us! Click the SpotlightIn unrelated “news” I’ve always gotten a ton of compliments on my red eShatki dress (here) so I thought you should know that they have 20% off their new fall line right now.

Outfit: eShakti Red Dress

215_HHS-reddress-outfit 215_HHS-reddress-altpose 215_HHS-reddress-altpose2 215_HHS-reddress-altpose3

I’m surprised I haven’t worn this dress more often this summer. It’s comfortable, flattering and the perfect shade of red. Have you shopped eShakti? I’ve seen their pieces show up on lots of blogs so I know their pieces really work for every day style.

Details: eShakti dress c/o / Nine West Rain Date heels

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Outfit: Color Makes Me Happy

208_HHS-yellow-aqua-outfit 208_HHS-yellow-aqua-altpose 208_HHS-yellow-aqua-altpose2 208_HHS-yellow-aqua-detail

Aren’t these bright colors fun? It was only a year ago that my wardrobe was mostly gray and black. I still love a crisp black ensemble but I’m so glad I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and bought colorful pieces. What’s your relationship with color?

Details: Shirt and tank from The Limited / Jeans from Loft / Necklace from Talbot’s / Nine West heels

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Outfit: June Gloom

197_HHS-aqua-yellow-beige-outfit 197_HHS-aqua-yellow-beige-detail 197_HHS-aqua-yellow-beige-altpose2

If you live in southern CA you’re familiar with June Gloom. Mornings start off hazy until it burns off in the afternoon to reveal beautiful clear skies. Well, I am not good at taking pictures with this crazy lighting so you’ll have to excuse these hazy pics. We’re taking the horses camping this weekend. I hope you get to have some fun and relaxation too.

Details: Yellow tank and shorts from The Limited / Aqua Halogen tank from Nordstrom / Nine West Rain Date heels from Zappos / Necklace from Francesca’s

Outfit: Black/White Pattern Mixing

187_HHS-black-white-pattern-outfit 187_HHS-black-white-pattern-altpose 187_HHS-black-white-pattern-detail

The easiest way to mix patterns is to stay in one color family. Since I chose black and white, I also added a pop of aqua accents. The knit skirt and loose fitting top were comfortable and would work for a variety of occasions.

Details: Shirt from The Limited / Bobeau skirt from Nordstrom / Necklace from Stella & Dot / Ring from The Spotted Moth / Nine West Cunning heels

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Outfit: Feeling Uninspired

179_HHS-green-tanstripes-outfit 179_HHS-green-tanstripes-altpose 179_HHS-green-tanstripes-altpose2 179_HHS-green-tanstripes-detail

I know this is a lame excuse but since I don’t have a full time job and my shopping budget has been reduced to nothing, I’m finding it more and more difficult to find inspiration in my closet. For a while I was enjoying the thrill of creating new combinations of existing pieces but now it’s seeming more like a chore. Sorry for the boo-hoo story. I’m done.

Details: 678 skinny jeans and shirt from The Limited / Necklace from Francesca’s / Nine West Raindate heels from Zappos

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Outfit: Dots and Stripes




Since I’m not much of a floral print kind of girl, I love to mix dots with stripes. When I see floral and stripes on other people, I think it looks great. Maybe when/if I find the exact right floral print for me, I’ll get to share in the fun.

This lightweight blazer is perfect for spring both in material and color. I wore this combo to the Orange County Creative Connections meet up. It’s a great group of creative and stylish women so it was the right kind of outing for this bold combo.

In other exciting news, today is my ninth wedding anniversary! Most people that know me think it’s very appropriate that my anniversary is on April Fool’s Day. I’m never quite sure how to take that comment but I usually put it in the I’m-cool-and-quirky-and-unexpected-perhaps-even-silly column. I can’t believe it’s been nine years – they’ve flown by and we’re still crazy about each other. I’m one lucky lady!

Details: J Crew Factory striped jacket / Old Navy shirt / Jeans from Loft / Nine West Raindate heels from Zappos

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Outfit: Warm Weather Bliss



My Spring/Summer wardrobe is so much better than my Fall/Winter wardrobe. That was the whole point of starting this blog – to improve my wardrobe but then I had to go and leave my job so Fall shopping never got the same financial benefit as earlier in the year. It’s nice to know that when I can dedicate time and some money to improving my outfits, I’m able to do a pretty good job.

Luckily, So Cal doesn’t get much of a winter so it won’t be too long until I can get back into my better half of wardrobe. And in the meantime, I’ll take advantage of the warm weather when it hits.

Details: Halogen tank and cardigan from Nordstrom / Jeans from The Limited / Bangles from Stella & Dot / Nine West Raindate heels from Zappos

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Outfit: Python Strikes Again





For some reason I had not thought of wearing black with this skirt until I spotted it on The Double Take Girls blog. I’ve worn it mostly with neutrals or pops of color (here and here) but not with black. Weird considering that was my go-to color before starting this blog. I love taking the structure of a business outfit and adding something unexpected like python print. Still work appropriate but with a very stylish statement.

Details: Shirt, cardigan, necklace and skirt from The Limited / Nine West coat from Macy’s / Belt from Francesca’s / Coach Caya heels from Macy’s

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