Office: Bold Office Stripes

278_HHS-stripes-cobalt-outfit 278_HHS-stripes-cobalt-detail 278_HHS-stripes-cobalt-hairdetail

Here it is! The new hair. I’m having fun figuring out different ways to style it and even though I thought I was getting too old for platinum blonde, I’m glad to have it. It’s hard to see but there are fun purple and pink pieces throughout. I’ve added some images below from the actual show.

Bold hair makes me feel like wearing bold clothes. Well, I guess most things make me want to wear bold clothes but do you think this is too far into the realm of circus performer? I’m not quite sure.

Finally got around to tackling a project I’ve had on my list for several months. I’ve been using some large hard cover books as my monitor stand for several years now. Since I’m dreaming of a dedicated home office space, full of girlie details and chuck full of organization, I’ve been meaning to paint them in my new black and gold theme. I need to get some spray sealant and then I’ll share with you the after picture.

In other exciting news, I found a local horse property for sale. We are not planning to sell and buy but it seems like a great fit so we’re exploring the possibility. I’m off to see it this morning and then starts all the fun lending paperwork – maybe.

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Outfit: Tights or no Tights?

259_HHS-creamandcobalt-outfit 259_HHS-creamandcobalt-altpose 259_HHS-creamandcobalt-detail

I wish I would’ve had some fun tights to go with this outfit but I haven’t figured out if I am a funky tights person or not. I envision funky tight people as either fashion runway model types heading to some creative job in NY or Zooey Deschanel. Or maybe Rhianna. None of which describe me. Where do you land on the tights wearing spectrum?


As far as the rest of the outfit, I played it safe with the cream cardigan so the cobalt shirt and skirt could be the stars.

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Outfit: Subtle Patterns

252_HHS-greenlaceanddots-outfit 252_HHS-greenlaceanddots-altpose 252_HHS-greenlaceanddots-detail

This lace pencil skirt from Target has lasted much longer than expected which is a wonderful surprise. I had no idea how much use I could get out of a green skirt (like here and here). Subtle pattern on pattern mixing is something I’m getting much more comfortable doing. So who knows. Maybe bold pattern mixing is not too far behind.

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Outfit: Yellow and Gray

245_HHS-yellow-gray-outfit 245_HHS-yellow-gray-altpose 245_HHS-yellow-gray-altpose2 245_HHS-yellow-gray-detail

This is another fabulous sweater I received during my Banana Republic Factory Story outing. I decided to dress it up with a gray pencil skirt, tights and heels. Next, I think I’ll try it in a more casual look.

So my husband and I have an ongoing conversation on the “right” way to spell gray (or grey). It seems either is perfectly fine but I notice many sites use both spellings and I try to stick with just one. Where do you land on this important topic?

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Outfit: Coral and Stripes

224_HHS-coral-stripes-outfit 224_HHS-coral-stripes-altpose 224_HHS-coral-stripes-altpose2

Stripes cut on the bias – so flattering. Added to bold colors and pointed toe heels is a fun way to do office style.

I’ve got a couple of fun things coming up. I’m giving away 2 tickets to the Be Well Expo in Pasadena on We’re taking the horses camping this weekend and I’ve been invited to a Halloween inspired event at Goodwill. October is always one of my favorite months. The weather is perfect all around the country and of course, there’s Halloween. Will you be dressing up this year?

Details: Skirt from The Limited / Top from Nordstrom / Necklace from Stella & Dot / Heels from Target

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Outfit: Summer Lovin’

220_HHS-coral-yellow-outfit 220_HHS-coral-yellow-altpose 220_HHS-coral-yellow-detail

I hear that Fall is coming. I see it in all the magazines but So Cal has not gotten the message. I’m not complaining though because I’m happy to keep wearing skirts and all my bright colors. I’ve been in CA for over 15 years now but my MI upbringing still has me resenting Fall as the precursor to Winter. So I’ve been trying to find things I’m looking forward to this Fall/Winter. Here is what I have so far:

  • Wearing boots. I even have a new pair that I got on my last trip to MI that I’ve been dying to wear.
  • Stew. My husband makes the best stews (no veggies for this girl) and I’m looking forward to the warm deliciousness.

Yep, that’s all I’ve got so far. I’ll keep working on it.

Details: Caslon t-shirt from Nordstrom / Skirt from The Limited / Necklace from Stella & Dot / Nine West heels

Join us! Click the SpotlightIn unrelated “news” I’ve always gotten a ton of compliments on my red eShatki dress (here) so I thought you should know that they have 20% off their new fall line right now.