Outfit: Work Flashback

335_HHS-gray-magenta-outfit 335_HHS-gray-magenta-altpose 335_HHS-gray-magenta-altpose2 335_HHS-gray-magenta-detail

Once again the shoe gods were pleased with me. I’ve been looking for gray closed toe non-patent, non-suede heels for quite some time. Instagram and a fellow blogger put these Sole Society beauties on my radar.

After putting them on my feet for the first time, I felt transported back to my former work self. The one who liked to dress the part of an executive with an edge. As I donned this outfit, I couldn’t help but think that it is exactly what I would’ve worn to work. Immediately after that realization, it hit me that I’m no longer that person. I wasn’t sad but it did feel so final.

This blog was originally started to help me improve my work wardrobe and now I think I’ll go on a new quest to define my non-office, non-executive but still stylish, casual, sassy look. Wish me luck!

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Outfit: Fall In

323_HHS-gray-brown-orange-outfit 323_HHS-gray-brown-orange-altpose 323_HHS-gray-brown-orange-altpose2

Temps are back to normal after our unseasonably hot summer. Perfect sunny days when you feel cool in the shade and warm in the sun. I love it. This sweater has the perfect fall colors and pairing a pencil skirt with boots is always one of my favorite transitional looks.

I’m keeping this post short and sweet today. Off to work on building a craft table, taking some pics of the new master bedroom and bathroom to share with you and fitting in work and horses somewhere in the mix. I hope you have a great week!

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Outfit: Black Lace and Coral

316_HHS-black-lace-coral-outfit 316_HHS-black-lace-coral-altpose 316_HHS-black-lace-coral-detail

I like that the second shot gives you a hint as to the glorious red that is my hair. It’s very fun but I am starting to miss the blonde.

Many bloggers are starting to embrace Fall and in some ways I’m ready to do the same. Layering is still one of my fashion challenges so here’s to finally getting comfortable with those darn layers.

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Outfit: Indigo and Fuchsia

314_HHS-gray-cobalt-fuchsia-outfit 314_HHS-gray-cobalt-fuchsia-altpose 314_HHS-gray-cobalt-fuchsia-altpose2

I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I would like girlie details like flowers, bows and pink. And yet here I am combining them all! That’s what is so fun about style. You can be girlie today and structured tomorrow.

I crossed so many things off of my to-do list yesterday. What a glorious feeling! Now that I’ve gotten some of the organizational tasks completed, I’m ready to dive back in to some of my creative endeavors.

Will you do me a favor? I’d like to grow my Instagram account. If you’re not already following please show me some love here and if you are, please tell a friend or two. I’d really appreciate it.


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Outfit: Green Lace and Gray Dots

313_HHS-gray-greenlace-outfit 313_HHS-gray-greenlace-altpose 313_HHS-gray-greenlace-detail

Oh my biscuits it has been so darn hot! Quite unbearable. It’s been affecting my ability to do my work, to ride horses and has completely negated any motivation for creative endeavors. I never thought I would be anxious for cooler weather but now that I’m nursing an uncomfortable heat rash, I am darn ready for it to cool down. We’ve survived 11 years in our home without air conditioning. It used to be there were about 5 days a year that we wished we had it but these last 3 years have been brutal. All of our money is currently going into the master bed/bath remodel but I’m going to make a serious effort to save up for AC for next year.

It’s almost time for my next salon appointment and I’m trying to decide if I should stick with the red or go back to blonde. Any thoughts?

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Outfit: Ssssizzle

298_HHS-cobalt-snake-outfit 298_HHS-cobalt-snake-altpose 298_HHS-cobalt-snake-altpose2 298_HHS-cobalt-snake-detail

I have a snake print skirt (see it here) which I was skeptical about when I first purchased it. Do I have the personality to wear a snake skin print? Would it be too crazy for the office? Is it some kind of exta-cougarific pattern that I was blindly flaunting? But after wearing it several times, I’ve decided to stop being a scaredy-pants and embrace my affectionate feelings for snake prints. I even owned 2 snakes in college but that’s a whole other blog post…

Along came this shirt. Less hesitation this time. More click to buy right away. I think pairing with a bold structured cobalt skirt helps to make it less “look-at-me” and more “why yes, this is python.”

I’m making slow and steady progress on material gathering for our bedroom/bathroom renovation. I am anxious to get it underway. Less anxious to spend the money. But I know it will be so worth it when it’s done. I also got to visit with a great friend of mine from college. She was in town and we hung out in Solana Beach. Such easy conversation and openness that I found myself having some withdrawals the next day. Have you ever had that after visiting with a good friend?

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Outfit: I Don’t Iron

292_HHS-fuchsia-aqua-outfit 292_HHS-fuchsia-aqua-altpose 292_HHS-fuchsia-aqua-detail 292_HHS-fuchsia-aqua-detail2

Sorry for the wrinkles (and not the ones on my face – those I actually like) but I just don’t do well with an iron. Plus t-shirts should never need to be ironed, right? Isn’t that a rule or something? Once we redo our bedroom, I’ll follow the advise of my friend, Nicole (see her website here) and hang up all of my t-shirts!

In other goings-ons…I bought some new shoes this weekend so I can’t wait to share those with you. My husband bought me a subscription to the Pop Sugar Must Have box for my birthday. I used to get them (when I was working full-time) but of course stopped once I left my job. I was missing the fun of getting the boxes and of trying new things so this was a great present. I already tore through just about everything in the box. I was like a giddy child at Christmas or perhaps more like a giddy fashion blogger at a 50% off sale. Here’s to a great week!

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Outfit: One Shirt, Two Looks

288_HHS-coral-stripes-outfit 288_HHS-coral-stripes-altpose 288_HHS-coral-stripes-detail

I’m a sucker for eyelets. To me they offer the feminine touch of lace without hovering near the does-this-remind-you-of-grandma vibe. Add a gorgeous skin-flattering hue like coral and I can’t click buy fast enough. I had so many ideas for ways to wear this shirt but I opted to go for dressy out of the gate. Both the shirt and the pencil skirt (old) are from The Limited so it was an easy match. Perhaps predictable but definitely not boring.

288_HHS-coral-bwstripes-outfit 288_HHS-coral-bwstripes-altpose 288_HHS-coral-bwstripes-altpose2 288_HHS-coral-bwstripes-detail

Next, I upped the WOW factor by switching to the black and white striped full skirt from eShakti (similar here). I love the silhouette of the skirt. Great for so many occasions! You’re sure to see this on repeat. The little silver coin purse was from my mom’s dating era in the late 70s. I’ve loved it since I was a little girl and I’m pretty sure it was made from the scales of a magical dragon.

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Outfit: Red + Mint

287_HHS-red-mint-gray-outfit 287_HHS-red-mint-gray-altpose 287_HHS-red-mint-gray-altpose2 287_HHS-red-mint-gray-detail

After putting together the Red Color Course last week, I realized I had yet to try the mint and red combination. I will admit I was leery. Yes, green and red are opposite on the color wheel which makes them a good pair but the wrong shades can make that combo hideous or to Christmas-y. I’ve seen other bloggers like Rachel of Pink Peonies pull it off beautifully and I hoped I could make it work for me.

What do you think? Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out but I’m still not sure how often I would choose to wear this color mix. That could also be due to the fact that both the skirt and the shirt are a few years old which means I’m tired of them. Perhaps some new pieces in better cuts would help me embrace the look a little more. It did give me an excuse to use one of my new clip in hair pieces and THAT does make me happy.

I read two inspiring posts from amazing bloggers that I want to make sure you read as well. Marionberry Style discussed silencing your inner critic and Running On Happiness shared her struggle with the never-ending quest for happiness. I know so many of us can relate to both of these topics and sometimes it’s just nice realizing you’re not alone. I hope you are enjoying the long weekend.

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Outfit: Navy and Red

285_HHS-navyskirt-redshirt-outfit 285_HHS-navyskirt-redshirt-altpose 285_HHS-navyskirt-redshirt-altpose2

I’ve been dying to wear this BB Dakota pencil skirt from Shopbop and after seeing some patriotic inspired outfits on Pinterest last week, I decided pair it with a red t-shirt from The Limited and sexy Dolce Vita Kana heels. So what if I’m too early for Memorial Day or Fourth of July. It needed to be done!

Not much else to share today. I’m behind on several DIY projects and some blog posts that I’ve wanted to write. The house is a mess and the dogs need baths. Where does the time go?

Only two days left to enter the Spa Bliss Giveaway. The ultimate relaxation is just a few clicks away!


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