Outfit: Polka Dots are Fun

337_HHS-gray-navydots-outfit 337_HHS-gray-navydots-altpose 337_HHS-gray-navydots-altpose2 337_HHS-gray-navydots-altpose3 337_HHS-gray-navydots-detail

Oops, Monday totally came and went and I forgot to do a post. I used to be so organized with this blog. I’d plan out the outfits, pre-write the posts and then schedule them for the week. Now I scramble at the last minute at every turn.

My brain is focused on too many things. Namely a BIG project that I can’t wait to tell you about. Hopefully, it’ll be ready in the next couple of weeks. Can you believe it’s February already?

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Outfit: Navy and Green

333_HHS-navydots-green-outfit 333_HHS-navydots-green-altpose 333_HHS-navydots-green-altpose2 333_HHS-navydots-green-detail

I’ve had all of these pieces for a while but have never put them together. I wasn’t sure I liked the outfit until I added the boots. For some reason they really pulled this casual style together. And look, I layered! I have no idea why that is such a hard concept for me to get but it still eludes me more often than not.

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Outfit: Dots are Back

307_HHS-navy-dots-outfit307_HHS-navy-dots-altpose 307_HHS-navy-dots-altpose2 307_HHS-navy-dots-detail

For a while it seemed I couldn’t put together outfits that didn’t involve polka dots. But after a nice vacation from this simple and fun pattern it was nice to bring it back. I love these jeggings from The Limited. The wash is very dark and the fit is slim but still comfortable.

And yes, the hair is a new shade of red. If I hadn’t lost a bunch of pictures you would’ve seen more than just one or two outfits with the last color (see here and here). As is typical with red, it faded pretty quickly so a recharge was definitely needed. This time it is darker and more of a violet red than last time. What do you think?

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Outfit: Now It’s Red

304_HHS-black-white-aqua-outfit 304_HHS-black-white-aqua-altpose 304_HHS-black-white-aqua-closeup 304_HHS-black-white-aqua-detail 304_HHS-ASOS-heels

Bam! Now I’m a red head. It’s been a while since I’ve been this color so it was time to have some fun with my hair color. Usually the only problem with red hair is that it fades so quickly but my stylist is using a new color line and we’re hopeful that it will hold for a while.

The only other thing worth talking about in this post are these ASOS Progress heels. The perfect silhouette. White with contrast black details and if that weren’t enough the chromed out heels add an unexpected detail. The price is right at $57 so click that link and add these beauties to your wardrobe.

On Friday your next Color Course will be here. Don’t miss it!

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Outfit: Grateful

293_HHS-navy-polkadot-outfit 293_HHS-navy-polkadot-altpose 293_HHS-navy-polkadot-detail

If I haven’t told you before, my hair stylist is amazing. A truly talented artist who is willing to work with me on my ever changing hair whims. This is still the basic cut from when I did the hair show with her but we’ve been cutting more and more off each visit. This visit was no exception. When or if I decided to grow this out, I’m sure there will be some very awkward stages. But for now, I like it super short and sassy.

Another reason she’s awesome is she introduced me to a company called The Giving Keys. She’s been a supporter for quite some time and helped me to determine the message that I wanted – GRATEFUL. You’re supposed to wear the product and give it to someone when they need it more than you but I may be selfish with this first one. I need the regular reminder to look at the life I have and appreciate what surrounds me. Stop searching for something bigger, more, better, and just be blissful.

When I looked closer at the key I noticed Cin’ti.O which I thought might be an abbreviation for Cincinnati OH where I was born and spent my youth. Low and behold it was and the Mosler Lock Co had quite an interesting history as well. So now I’m extra attached. A positive message from my home town. Kismet. I will now have to purchase another item to use as my giving key. Please go check them out and if you’re in the OC area, you can swing by Margit Aaron Studio to buy one there too!

Speaking of grateful…thanks to some birthday money from my mom, I was able to get some new shoes! I realize this isn’t the type of graciousness I’d like to be better at but damn, new shoes make me happy.



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Dotted Hat Boxes

Way back when I was a young Spring Breaker I bought these Looney Tunes themed boxes from the Warner Bros store (I don’t think they exist anymore). I couldn’t resist the vintage style travel stickers with some of my favorite cartoon friends. Was it a brilliant decor decision? Probably not. But here we are many years later and they were serving as a night stand. Practically front and center. Embarrassing.


Time to give them an update. There is no denying their practical storage use so I decided to give them a fresh coat of paint to make them visually appropriate in my not-yet-but-soon-to-be-renovated master bedroom. Spray paint to the rescue. White tops with black bottoms was the goal with black polka dots to add some interest.

It was going well until…the paint on the lid started to bubble and lift. I still have no idea why this happened on just one of the lids but after trying to scrape it off, sand it off and re-applying the paint, the top box was sacrificed to the ever hungry “DIY oops pile.”

For the dots, I used self adhesive black foam and a hole punch. It wasn’t exactly a perfect process but we (my Mom was here to help) made it work. Maybe it was the champagne that helped.


Even though I’m down one box (luckily the top one and not the middle one!), I’m very happy with how they turned out. I’m sure once the bedroom is done they will have a prominent spot to shine!


Outfit: Spotted Cat

281_HHS-green-leopard-dots-outfit 281_HHS-green-leopard-dots-altpose2 281_HHS-green-leopard-dots-detail

Mixing polka dots and leopard, are you crazy? Yes. I really like both of these patterns and I’m constantly working on my comfort level of pattern mixing. And another take on doing my hair a la Evan Rachel Wood. I’m not a fan of using celebrities as our muses but when I styled my hair this way, it’s the first thing that came to mind.

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Since I mention working with horses from time to time, I thought I’d share a pick of two of the boys I get to train. First is Fernando. He has some fear as a result of being worked really hard and really fast when he was younger. So we’re working on trust. Second, is Bo. A green broke horse (which is cowgirl speak for doesn’t-know-much-about-anything) who is very laid back and a little bit lazy. He looks like a gangly teenager when he moves so we’re working on building up his strength.



Ah, I am one lucky cowgirl! Less than a week to go for my new tattoo. It’s going on my hip so I’m guessing I’ll be flashing a shop full of strangers. Here’s to courage and humility.

Review: eShakti Emma Dress

173_HHS-eShakti-blue-dress-outfit 173_HHS-eShakti-blue-dress-altpose 173_HHS-eShakti-blue-dress-altpose2

If you still haven’t tried eShakti yet, let me tell you why you simply must do it. First of all, they offer a wide range of colors, cuts, patterns and materials that change frequently. Secondly, you have the option to customize your order to fit your style and your body. They also feature their clothing as seen on their customers and bloggers in their “Real fashion for Real people” marketing which showcases all of our beautiful and unique shapes and sizes. Hooray for real beauty!

I decided on the lovely Emma Dress (see my previous selection here). I have been attracted to vintage styles lately and I liked the color and pretty neckline. I opted to include sleeves (since I always seem to be freezing when I wear sleeveless dresses) but kept the length as below the knee. I love how it turned out!

Emma Dress

One of my favorite details are the pockets! I just love a dress with pockets.



When ordering from eShakti it is important to know your measurements, not just your size. So get out your tape measure and use your bust, waist and hip measurements to get a perfectly fit garment. If you are in between sizes on their size chart, I recommend going up a size. I find that their items fit snug and you’ll appreciate the wiggle room.

eShakti style So, what are you waiting for? Grab a new dress (or skirt or top) for spring and strut out in style. As an extra incentive use code HIGHHEELEDS at checkout and receive 10% off your order. This code is only good until 4/30/14!




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Review: Bitter Root Vintage

171_HHS-BitterRootTeaDress-outfit 171_HHS-BitterRootTeaDress-altpose

I’m very lucky to call Bitter Root Vintage one of my sponsors. Their vivacious dresses, skirts and accessories are demur and sexy. Vintage cuts and gorgeous fabrics are yet another reason to peruse their shop.

And let us not forget the details of pretty packaging and a hand written note!


This Two for Tea dress is a classic 40’s inspired navy blue & white polka dot tea dress with a subtly flared hem & charming keyhole neck and back line. Silky soft and stretchy fabric, fitted and lined bodice. Feminine, pretty, and perennially stylish!

I decided to add some red details with a sash belt and tri-colored Jessica Simpson peep-toe pumps. It would also look amazing with mustard, cobalt or green. This dress would be easy to wear to work or a special occasion.

171_HHS-BitterRootTeaDress-detail 171_HHS-BitterRootTeaDress-closeup2 171_HHS-BitterRootTeaDress-closeup

Just in case you’re not yet inspired to add a Bitter Root Vintage item to your wardrobe take a gander at some of my other favorite picks:


BEAUTIFUL! What item would you like to add to your closet?

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