Happy New Year (and a Review)



Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope you have fun plans and that you’ll be safe. My husband and I have a little trip planned so hopefully I have some fun pictures to share with you. I’m excited to see what adventures will be had in 2013.

Now, on to my December Pop Sugar Must Have box review. It’s a little bit late but I get to blame the holidays, right? The November box was not one of my favorites but the December box was pretty sweet (sorry, it’s a little punny).

Bodum Bistro Mugs: These claim to keep your beverages warm longer and they won’t sweat with cold beverages. A unique double glass design make them functional and pretty. Now, that’s my kind of mug. This was the first item I opened and I must say they are good mugs. Considering most of the coffee mugs in my house are some sort of promotional mug or travel mugs, it’s nice to have something more presentable.

Tea Forte: I’ve had this brand previously and really enjoy their flavor combinations. The unique packaging is fun and the beauty of the actual tea bag is amazing. It’s always a shame to throw them away once you’ve brewed your team.

Jaboneria Marianella Soap: You may notice that this is not even in the picture above. That’s because I really don’t like scented soap bars and immediately got rid of it. I swear I had six other bars in the bathroom from miscellaneous gifts over the years. They have now officially migrated to a donation bag. Just not my thing.

Pinch Provisions Kit: What a fun (and practical) idea! You would not believe how many things fit in this tiny pouch. A perfect travel companion as it takes up very little room. Plus they have them in glitter colors!

Bogdon’s Peppermint Poles: Delicious. My husband and I are both enjoying these. Sometimes as a snack. Sometimes as an after dinner treat. Yep, we’re fancy like that.

GoSwype: Nothing too exciting about a lens cleaning cloth. I keep this in the junk drawer so it’s close to my phone which is convenient but I couldn’t tell anything special about it. It claims to remove bacteria so I’ll have to take their word on that.

Rent The Runway: I was first told of this site by a friend about a year ago. Such a great idea. Instead of spending money on occasion dresses that typically only get a single use, you can rent designer looks. I haven’t yet had a reason to try the service but I know people who swear by it. I’m hoping I’ll find a reason to use the $30 gift credit soon.

I’m still enjoying the Pop Sugar box which makes it a winner over Birch Box for me. I’m still using items from past boxes. Any items that I haven’t liked are good (and generally unique) hostess gifts or fab blog giveaway items (hint: there will be another Fab Five Giveaway soon).

November Pop Sugar Must Have Review

There were a lot of complaints about last month’s box but I thought it was pretty good. But I do have to admit that this month’s box fell a little short for me. Here goes:

  • Mor Lip Macarons: Honestly, I didn’t try this lip gloss. I’m not a fan of lip products that you apply with your finger. It smells nice but there is no color and I just couldn’t see me using this product.
  • Snow & Graham Thank You Notes: You can never have too many thank you notes. I’m a big fan of hand written notes. A dying art perhaps but I find it shows a level of caring that just can’t be replicated in an email. This Dogwood design is simple but elegant.
  • Gorjana Parker Bracelet: A cute Fall accessory but was just not my style. I included it in the Fab Five Giveway hoping someone who really wanted it would get to enjoy it.
  • LA Boite Spice Mixes: Since I am not much of a cook, this is another item in this month’s box that really wasn’t useful for me.
  • Stonewall Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Mix: Not gluten free so not something I can try. I think this may make a good re-gift or donation item.
  • Yogalosophy DVD, Stylemint credit, Canvaspop discount round out the box but were not particularly appealing to me.

Here’s to hoping the Dec box is a little more to my taste. They can’t all be winners, right? Get more info on this month’s items on the Pop Sugar Must Have page.

October Pop Sugar Must Have Review

This is my third month receiving the Pop Sugar Must Have box. I love the creative combination of items that are included. This month’s box was very heavy so I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. I’m pretty sure it took exactly 30 seconds from the time I saw the mailman dropping it off to the time I had it cracked open! So here goes:

  • Red Flower Petal Topped Candle: I was not previously familiar with the Red Flower brand. This candle has a nice scent that’s not overpowering and includes some dried petals. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if you were supposed to light the candle with the petals left on top of the candle but to avoid a possible fire hazard, I put them in a container on a bookshelf to keep the living room smelling nice.
  • The Casual Vacancy: The latest book from JK Rowling was on my reading list. How great that I now have it to read (and a real hardbound version at that). I’m a little more than halfway in to the book and I keep picking it up but I do find the characters a bit smarmy and haven’t found any that I actually like. I’m curious to see where the story is going and of course the writing is good (although I know I’m missing some meaning in the British slang) but I’m not sure that at the end, I’m going to consider this a book that I’m glad I read. Let me know if you want my final review once I’m done.
  • Crescent Moon Socks: These socks are recommended for yoga but could also be great for bar class. But since I have an aversion to anything that resembles exercise, I think I’ll just use them for padding around the house.
  • OPI Pink of Hearts Duo: I LOVE free nail polish. I don’t usually own too many girlie colors but I love the barely there ‘I Think In Pink’ for everyday wear. The ‘You Glitter Be Good To Me’ can be layered on top for a more adventurous look. It combines small light pink glitter with larger fuchsia pieces for added dimension. See the result below.
  • Dylan’s Candy Bar Gummy Bears: Unfortunately these are not gluten free but it is nice to share some of the Pop Sugar goodies with my husband. He couldn’t wait to open this bag of gummy goodness.
  • Pirate’s Booty: This on the other hand is gluten free. I’ve had this product before and it is a tasty snack.
  • Clear Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner: These FULL SIZE bottles came at a time when I was just getting ready to buy new shampoo and conditioner.  It has a sweet, slightly floral smell that to me is reminiscent of Herbal Essence. It left my hair feeling soft but to be honest, my hair really isn’t that picky about shampoo and conditioner.

You know you want in on this awesomeness so sign up!

September Pop Sugar Must Have Review

Like a giddy child, I rushed to open my September Pop Sugar Must Have box. They combine the most interesting things so I have no idea what I’m going to find inside. Once again, they didn’t disappoint. Now let’s get to the goodies:

  1. Brokedown scarf: It’s a nice multi-tonal gray and the detail of the fringe is spectacular. It’s soft and a length that can be worn in many different ways. Perfect Fall accessory.
  2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower book and tickets: I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie so this will be a nice date night treat.
  3. Rifle Paper Co’s Lined Notepad: You may not know what a geek I am about paper products but I just love notepads, pens, post-its, etc. This notepad is a very practical size and cute without being cutesy.
  4. Benefit Cabana Glam: I’m always happy to get make-up samples. These colors are universally flattering and since it includes almost everything you need for a full face, it would be a good weekend trip companion.
  5. Becky’s Blissful Bakery Caramels: Delicious. Simple flavor and a smooth texture. Mmmmm.
  6. Pop-Up Pantry Dinners: Since I’m gluten free, I couldn’t try the provided sugar cookie but the idea of Pop-Up Pantry is very interesting. I’m a bit of a picky eater so I’m not sure that we’ll try this service.
  7. Yes to Cucumbers Towelettes: This is a great travel size pack. They smell nice and left my face feeling refreshed.
  8. Kitsch Hair Ties: With my short hair, I won’t be able to try these out. I received some similar ties to this in a Birchbox and plan to incorporate these into a giveaway – coming soon!
  9. Tracie Martyn Skin Care discount: Unfortunately, these products are out of my price range even with the $25 gift certificate. So if you’re a fan, let me know and I’ll pass along the code.
  10. Sweet Potato Chips: I am already a fan of these chips. Lightly salted with just a lit bit of sweetness and gluten free!
  11. Must Have Pouch: Not so thrilled with this pouch. I couldn’t think of any uses, I’m not a fan of branded items and the quality is low. Perhaps my 12 year old self would’ve loved it but compared to the rest of the box, it was out of place.

Sad you missed out? It’s not too late to join – visit Pop Sugar Must Have today or enter for a chance to win 6 months free here.

Pop Sugar did not request this review. All opinions are mine all mine.