Outfit: Bold Stripes

350_HHS-blackwhiteskirt-blue-outfit 350_HHS-blackwhiteskirt-blue-altpose 350_HHS-blackwhiteskirt-blue-altpose2 350_HHS-blackwhiteskirt-blue-detail

I was never really a full skirt girl. It was pencil skirts and pencil skirts only. But now I like the silhouette and the flirtiness of a full skirt. Plus it has pockets!

It seems like I have so much going on yet I’m finding it difficult to figure out what this post should be about. Do you mind if I keep this one short?

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Outfit: An Old Favorite

347_HHS-gray-cream-outfit 347_HHS-gray-cream-altpose 347_HHS-gray-cream-detail


I’ve had this shirt forever and I still love it. It’s so flattering and comfortable. The necklace was from my first Rocksbox. When I first saw it I didn’t like it but once it was paired with something I actually liked it more. You can still get a discount on your Rocksbox by using code “highheeledstylexox” at checkout. I’m also testing a free 3 month trial of Daily Look (follow the link for your free trial too!). I’m nervous to see how someone else will “shop” for me but I love getting mail so it’s worth a try!

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Outfit: How to Say Goodbye

346_HHS-cream-lace-pink-outfit 346_HHS-cream-lace-pink-altpose 346_HHS-cream-lace-pink-detail 346_HHS-cream-lace-pink-detail2

Dear Cardigans, we had a good run. Great even. You were a workplace staple. You kept me warm. You added color and you were sophisticated. But times have changed. I’m not the girl I was when we first met. These things happen. Everyone changes and sometimes it’s in different directions. You’re still everything you once were but I need something new. I need a look to fit with my new vision of self and as hard as I’ve tried I just can’t see you in this new role. I know you’ll make some other lady very happy. I’ll never forget our time together and perhaps we’ll meet again.

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Outfit: Nailed It

343_HHS-stripes-blue-brown-outfit 343_HHS-stripes-blue-brown-altpose 343_HHS-stripes-blue-brown-detail

Now this is the kind of look I’ve been aiming for since converting to a more casual style. The layering (with my husband’s shirt!) and this knit striped jacket look put together but not over done. Don’t you just love it when an outfit plan works out the way you wanted?

Now the question will be can I find more looks to fit my new vision of style without having to purchase an entirely new wardrobe.

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Outfit: Life at Warp Speed

340_HHS-black-white-blue-outfit 340_HHS-black-white-blue-altpose 340_HHS-black-white-blue-altpose2 340_HHS-black-white-blue-detail

No posts last week. It just got away from me! But in a good way. I’ve been busy just living life. Not one thing took up all my time but instead lots of little things. Getting my husband to PT because he blew out his knee, household chores, horses, chickens, exercising – yes, you heard that right and of course some work.

Plus some TV watching and wine drinking. Dedicated blogging time just went out the window. The weather has been glorious so I try to spend as much time as possible outside.

The next couple of weeks will probably be much the same. I have a website to finish, a marketing calendar to draft and horses to ride. I’ll try to do better about outfits and maybe even some lifestyle content. Thanks for sticking with me!

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Outfit: A Simple Style

326_HHS-black-gray-outfit 326_HHS-black-gray-altpose 326_HHS-black-gray-altpose2 326_HHS-black-gray-detail

I’m not sure if it is the season or my lack of full time work or maybe even, dare I say, getting older but one of these things has led me to simple outfits. Minimal colors, less accessories and easy functionality. Well, there’s still heels so maybe not total functionality! I’m not ready to give them up yet despite 2 days last week when 2 different pairs of heels gave me blisters.

I’m also so frustrated with taking photos. So even though I had some nice outfits I just didn’t take any pics. But here is an example of what I wore to a client video conference meeting in LA:

That Three Dots sweater is so soft and comfortable. I just love the uneven hemline!

And then to a friend’s pre-holiday party I wore:

Sorry I’m not one of those bloggers who remembers to take beautiful pictures everywhere I go. My hat (if I actually wore hats) is off to those ladies!

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Outfit: Indigo and Fuchsia

314_HHS-gray-cobalt-fuchsia-outfit 314_HHS-gray-cobalt-fuchsia-altpose 314_HHS-gray-cobalt-fuchsia-altpose2

I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I would like girlie details like flowers, bows and pink. And yet here I am combining them all! That’s what is so fun about style. You can be girlie today and structured tomorrow.

I crossed so many things off of my to-do list yesterday. What a glorious feeling! Now that I’ve gotten some of the organizational tasks completed, I’m ready to dive back in to some of my creative endeavors.

Will you do me a favor? I’d like to grow my Instagram account. If you’re not already following please show me some love here and if you are, please tell a friend or two. I’d really appreciate it.


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Outfit: Overcome

311_HHS-chambray-stripes-outfit 311_HHS-chambray-stripes-altpose 311_HHS-chambray-stripes-altpose2 311_HHS-chambray-stripes-detail 311_HHS-chambray-stripes-shoes

I took a little break last week. Sometimes my head just isn’t into blogging or outfits. Unfortunately that usually means I am wrought with sadness, despair or longing. This is not a topic I like to discuss and one I have avoided blogging about. After all, outfit inspiration and dark thoughts don’t really go together. But I’ve come to know that I have to be true to myself and be less afraid of being open about what I used to perceive as a weakness.

I’ve learned many “tricks” to abate my depression and putting on a nice outfit and forcing myself to put in extra effort to look nice actually helps. It’s sort of that fake-it-till-you-make it mentality. When I look in the mirror and like what I see it helps to knock down the self-doubt and gives my brain one less thing to use as ammunition for fueling my depression. And that’s how the climb out of the darkness starts. One kick in the ass at a time!

I held no punches with this outfit. Black and white stripes in a girly silhouette paired with chambray and my perfect Taylor Says heels. I bought these shoes a while ago but it’s almost like they are a piece of art instead of a function shoe. I don’t want to ruin them by wearing them but I had to slide on these gorgeous heels even if I was already wearing stripes. And happy they did make me. Thanks for listening.

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Outfit: Forgotten Stripes

309_HHS-merci-stripes-outfit 309_HHS-merci-stripes-altpose 309_HHS-merci-stripes-altpose2 309_HHS-merci-stripes-detail

I love the colors of this skirt but rarely wear it. No idea why. I liked the idea of dressing it down a bit by pairing it with this Zoe Karssen t-shirt. Also styled here and here.

Even though it’s still been a bit hot, I’ve been able to get more time in at the barn. That always makes me happy. One of the horses I’m training is doing really well and I feel proud of his progress. We’re also building a chicken run for the new coop we got a few weeks ago. I’m so excited to have some chickens! I adore the sounds they make and love having fresh eggs. Pictures to come.

The master bedroom and bathroom renovation is well underway. Out with the old and in with the new. You’re not going to believe the transformation!


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Outfit: Sharp Stripes

305_HHS-grey-black-gold-outfit 305_HHS-grey-black-gold-altpose 305_HHS-grey-black-gold-altpose2 305_HHS-grey-black-gold-detail

I think the small black and grey stripes on this shirt are so sharp. It seems like a simple enough combination but it really is stunning. I’ve never worn these accessories together and they were all purchased at different times and from different places but they look like they were meant for each other. Cool.

Months and months ago I mentioned my new tattoo. Although it’s unlikely that you’ve been holding your breath to see it, I finally got around to pulling the images together. So here it is from sketch to outline to final.


Believe it or not, it is actually smaller than I wanted (but as much as I could afford) so I hope to add on to it the next time my husband and I decide we need more ink.

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