Outfit: Blue Love

275_HHS-Amour-blues-outfit 275_HHS-Amour-blues-altpose2

I love the look of a sweater layered over button down shirt but I usually have a hard time pulling it off. In this case, I think I nailed it. I wasn’t sure if this would be too much blue so I added neutral shoes and a gold cuff.

And joy of all joys, my perfect Kate Spade brown bag arrived. I’ve been searching for years for the exact right brown bag. I wanted a specific style and a specific shade of brown. Even though I really shouldn’t have spent money on a new bag, when I saw this on sale I just had to do it. I feel no shame or guilt!


275_HHS-Amour-blues-detail 275_HHS-Amour-blues-bagdetail

Wow, last week flew by for me. Sunday and Monday were dedicated to the OC Making the Cut hair competition. My stylist was one of the final six and I got to be a hair model. No, this is not the hair I had for the show – this is the “before” hair. I still have a few outfits that I shot prior so you’ll just have to wait a little bit to see the “after” (unless you follow me on Instagram).

I’ve been working on a social media plan for one of my clients for about a month now and we had our full client presentation on Wednesday. It felt great to present to a room full of people again and the material was well received. Accomplishment is a good thing. Next we work on implementation.

Throw in my part time job, a few other client deliverables and my 10 year wedding anniversary and you can see why the week went so quickly! My husband and I have decided to get new tattoos as our gift to each other for our anniversary. I should have a sketch back in the next couple of weeks and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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Outfit: It’s A Challenge

174_HHS-aqua-gray-black-outfit 174_HHS-aqua-gray-black-altpose 174_HHS-aqua-gray-black-detail 174_HHS-aqua-gray-black-closeup

Blogging can be a challenge. Get lazy with your content or post frequency and you’ll see your audience fade away. After almost two years of blogging, I still hesitate sharing much about my life. Originally, it felt like posting pictures of my outfits was bold enough. I felt like I was really putting myself out there. But after reading other blogs I realized I could do more. Immediately following that realization was a question of “do I want to do more?” I am still unsure of the answer.

Today, I decided to dip my toes just a little further in the water. Here goes…

My business partner and I have reluctantly decided to close our start-up. Life demanded that we get suitable incomes and those roles have mostly eliminated our ability to give the business the fuel it needed to thrive. Our hearts are sad. Our wallets a little less sad but our entrepreneurial spirit has not been broken. We’ll keep dreaming up our next adventure.

I left my full-time role as an advertising executive in September of 2012. I never imagined I would become such a free spirit. I can hardly imagine going back to a regular work week at a regular office job. It now represents the antithesis of how I define happiness. I’m fortunate to have a great network that allows me to leverage my work skills as a contractor and to have a personal network that allows me to get paid for things I am passionate about such as horses and fashion. My days are filled with creativity and chaos (just the right amount of chaos). Isn’t life’s journey strange?

This week I get to be a model in a hair stylist competition, get to review a dress from eShakti, present a social media plan to a client and build a website. I made a few new purchases which I’ll share with you shortly and am working on plans for our master bedroom/bathroom renovation.

Well, thank you for reading and please let me know if I shared interesting things or if I should go back to short outfit related content.

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Outfit: Red and Black

172_HHS-SimpleRedBlack-outfit 172_HHS-SimpleRedBlack-altpose 172_HHS-SimpleRedBlack-detail

I love these new Exact Stretch 5 pocket skinny pants from The Limited. They fit right between denim and dress pants and are perfect for casual but put together looks.

I’m ready for a hair change. I like the length but the color and the style need some jazzing up. Something a little sassier and more fun. Only a couple weeks left before my next appointment and I can’t wait to show you the end result.

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Outfit: Black Lace for Dinner

269_HHS-black-white-lace-outfit 269_HHS-black-white-lace-altpose 269_HHS-black-white-lace-detail

An evening out with good friends over a good meal was the occasion for this outfit. I wanted to be dressy but not over-the-top. When I first paired this shirt with a white tank underneath I was surprised how stunning the simple combination was so I decided to give it another look by pairing it with skinny black pants and sparkly shoes.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Event: The Limited Red Carpet Party

The majority of my wardrobe consists of pieces from The Limited. I find their styles mesh with my desired aesthetic, the fit works for my body type and man, oh, man when they have a sale, you can score some amazing pieces.

When I saw the invite for the Red Carpet event I knew it would take an incredible amount of discipline to not spend ridiculous sums of money. Overall, I behaved myself by bringing home 2 clearance shirts, a pair of pants (50% off) and a simple necklace (also 50% off)!

The event included a quick make-up session by the talented ladies from Shiseido who helped reduce my shine and make my eyes stand out.


And of course, no Red Carpet event would be complete without a fashion show. Models were decked out in professional styles for work or winning that new job.


I loved the Spring color palettes!


SpringColorTrend_warm SpringColorTrend_blues

The Limited crew was fantastic and helpful as always and clearly having a good time themselves.


What are you waiting for? Go grab some new, stylish pieces to update your Spring wardrobe. Here are a few of my favorites (click the image to purchase):

 Colorblock Stripe DressponteskaterColorblocked Sweater Tee

Outfit: Neutral Chocolate

258_HHS-chocolateneutrals-outfit 258_HHS-chocolateneutrals-altpose 258_HHS-chocolateneutrals-detail

This is my third pair of exact stretch skinny pants from The Limited (also in navy here and black here). I’m not usually one of those people who buys multiple colors of one item but the cut and fit of this particular pant was too perfect to pass up. They will be wearable summer and winter (well at least here in So Cal) making them a closet staple.

Outfit: Even More Dots

251_HHS-polkadot-sweater-outfit 251_HHS-polkadot-sweater-altpose 251_HHS-polkadot-sweater-detail

That’s right. Polka dots followed by polka dots. I just can’t help myself. Plus I love that the pattern and colors of this cardigan evoke an animal print vibe. Almost a two for one!

Friday is the last day for the Blue Nile branch necklace giveaway. Don’t forget to enter!

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Outfit: Navy Amour

246_HHS-navy-amour-outfit 246_HHS-navy-amour-altpose 246_HHS-navy-amour-detail

When I found the black version of these pants, I knew I would get them in as many colors as possible. And here they are in navy. I couldn’t pass up some of the super sales of the season and was able to get the pants for $34.95 and the sweater for $29.95 (both from The Limited). Quite a steal, right?

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Outfit: Pants to Love

239_HHS-blue-gray-outfit 239_HHS-blue-gray-altpose 239_HHS-blue-gray-detail

Finally! I found a pair of pants that fit and look the way I want. These are the Exact Stretch pants from The Limited (of course). Next time they are on sale, I’ll undoubtedly by more colors.

Short term memory loss on Monday. Extremely noticeable gray roots today. There are many great things about turning 40 but those two things are not included.

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