Outfit: March Came Fast

342_HHS-yellow-casual-outfit 342_HHS-yellow-casual-altpose 342_HHS-yellow-casual-detail

Pay no attention to the lack of pedicure. My feet are still on their winter hiatus.

How did 2 months of the year go by already? I’ve been working on a new business launch and it’s been consuming my brain. I hope to have the website ready to share in the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait to tell you!

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Color Course :: Yellow

It’s time for a new Color Course. The first one (red) was a great success. This month’s color – yellow. This poor color gets left out of wardrobes because it can seem tricky. But it has turned out to be the most pinned outfits from High Heeled Style so if a pale girl like me can pull of this cheerful color, I know you can do it too. Prepare to become a yellow mix master!

Why wear yellow? Because it makes you and those around you feel happy.

yellow words-01

You can always mix yellow with neutrals. It’s particularly flattering with gray but if you want to take a bigger leap try one of these:

Yellow Combos

Need further visual inspiration? Here are a few of my favorite combos:

100_HHS-yellow-black-outfit 220_HHS-coral-yellow-outfit201_HHS-yellow-gray-outfit


What are you waiting for? Add some extra happiness to your wardrobe.


download_buttonLike all these juicy tidbits? Download the Yellow Color Course PDF.





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Outfit: Summer Citrus

289_HHS-yellow-orange-outfit 289_HHS-yellow-orange-altpose 289_HHS-yellow-orange-altpose2 289_HHS-yellow-orange-detail

Lately I’ve been feeling like my life is on autopilot. The same things every week. Don’t get me wrong, the weeks are full of good things but when I sit down to write it seems like I have nothing of consequence to share. Perhaps a by-product of blogging and the “my life is so amazing” social media view. Only perfect pictures. Only beautiful places and moments.

But June is my birthday month. That’s right – the entire month. It’s not a significant milestone but worth celebrating nonetheless. I plan to consume red velvet cupcakes and delicious cocktails. I plan to enjoy the fire pit in the backyard and the rest is up to chance. One of my dear friends from college sent me a FB message that said, “Birthday countdown in 3, 2, 1… Whatcha gonna do this year for it??” He knows me so well.

As for bloggy land, I’m working on the next Color Course (you downloaded the Red Color Course PDF, right?) and a product review. Plus I hope to kick off the master bedroom/bathroom renovation. It’ll start with shopping for a new vanity and picking out tile. Look out Home Depot, here we come!

One last thing. I’ve decided to part with these shoes. If you’d like to make them yours, please email me lvfrazier at yahoo dot com. I’m open to offers.


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Outfit: Say Yes to Yellow

268_HHS-yellow-black-outfit 268_HHS-yellow-black-altpose 268_HHS-yellow-black-detail

Before I started blogging I would’ve vehemently stayed away from yellow. I was sure it would douse my pale skin with some sort of jaundice effect. I am glad I found a way to give yellow a try because I love it! Clearly it is also a reader favorite because it is pinned like crazy. Maybe you want to give yellow a try too so I thought I’d share with you some of my most liked yellow outfits. Go. Be Bold.


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Outfit: Yellow and Gray

245_HHS-yellow-gray-outfit 245_HHS-yellow-gray-altpose 245_HHS-yellow-gray-altpose2 245_HHS-yellow-gray-detail

This is another fabulous sweater I received during my Banana Republic Factory Story outing. I decided to dress it up with a gray pencil skirt, tights and heels. Next, I think I’ll try it in a more casual look.

So my husband and I have an ongoing conversation on the “right” way to spell gray (or grey). It seems either is perfectly fine but I notice many sites use both spellings and I try to stick with just one. Where do you land on this important topic?

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Outfit: Summer Lovin’

220_HHS-coral-yellow-outfit 220_HHS-coral-yellow-altpose 220_HHS-coral-yellow-detail

I hear that Fall is coming. I see it in all the magazines but So Cal has not gotten the message. I’m not complaining though because I’m happy to keep wearing skirts and all my bright colors. I’ve been in CA for over 15 years now but my MI upbringing still has me resenting Fall as the precursor to Winter. So I’ve been trying to find things I’m looking forward to this Fall/Winter. Here is what I have so far:

  • Wearing boots. I even have a new pair that I got on my last trip to MI that I’ve been dying to wear.
  • Stew. My husband makes the best stews (no veggies for this girl) and I’m looking forward to the warm deliciousness.

Yep, that’s all I’ve got so far. I’ll keep working on it.

Details: Caslon t-shirt from Nordstrom / Skirt from The Limited / Necklace from Stella & Dot / Nine West heels

Join us! Click the SpotlightIn unrelated “news” I’ve always gotten a ton of compliments on my red eShatki dress (here) so I thought you should know that they have 20% off their new fall line right now.

Outfit: Color Makes Me Happy

208_HHS-yellow-aqua-outfit 208_HHS-yellow-aqua-altpose 208_HHS-yellow-aqua-altpose2 208_HHS-yellow-aqua-detail

Aren’t these bright colors fun? It was only a year ago that my wardrobe was mostly gray and black. I still love a crisp black ensemble but I’m so glad I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and bought colorful pieces. What’s your relationship with color?

Details: Shirt and tank from The Limited / Jeans from Loft / Necklace from Talbot’s / Nine West heels

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Outfit: Eye Love It

203_HHS-coral-white-yellow-outfit 203_HHS-coral-white-yellow-altpose2 203_HHS-coral-white-yellow-altpose

I’m loving eyelet material that is popular right now. It’s like a more structured version of lace. Alluring but not overtly sexy and definitely work appropriate. You can find dresses, pants, shirts, t-shirts and skirts in this fabulous style.

Details: Top and skirt from The Limited / Belt from Francesca’s / Prabal Gurung heels from Target

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Outfit: Gray + Yellow Strikes Again

201_HHS-yellow-gray-outfit 201_HHS-yellow-gray-altpose 201_HHS-yellow-gray-detail

Yep, I’m still in love with this color combination! Here are a few other ways to wear gray and yellow:

How do you wear this color combination?

Details: Skirt and belt from The Limited / Caslon tshirt from Nordstrom / Calvin Klein heels

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Outfit: Dress For Success

195_HHS-blue-yellow-white-outfit 195_HHS-blue-yellow-white-altpose 195_HHS-blue-yellow-white-detail

I’m feeling a little under the weather today (thus my late in the day post) but luckily I took some pictures last week when I was feeling more comfortable. This is a new shirt from The Limited that I got for under $30 due to a 50% off sale they had. I love a good deal!

I’m also distracted because I’ve launched a new business. I won’t go into all the details here so please head over to Think Brite Be Brite and see how to double your happiness!

Details: Skirt and shirt (similar) from The Limited / Yellow Caslon t-shirt from Nordstrom / Enzo Angiolini Pop Culture heels from Macy’s

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